UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Frankston, Victoria

August 22nd 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received 22/08/2008 19:53:45

22.08.08 FRANKSTON (VIC) 1841hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: MR. Gabriel x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 30 seconds
Occupation: Case Manager
Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science

Observation: Got off the train, it had just become dark about 30 minutes ago. I walked accross the tracks to the road. I looked up and saw a large object, like a giant star in appearance.

Description: It was moving, and seemed to close to be a star, and too big for a plane. A big ball of white light. It was moving accross my eye vision. Not rapidly, for about 20 seconds. Then I started to walk on the road so the trees didn't block my vision. It changed direction to move away into the distance. Within 2 seconds it changed directions and quickly gathered speed, in 3 seconds all of a sudden it rocketed away into a smaller dot and then tiny speck, and then disappeared (all within a few seconds). I noted to myself there are no clouds so it couldn't have gone behind a cloud. I am amazed. No sound whatsoever.

Location: Got off from Leawarra train station, walking up Hill Street Frankston. The object seemed about 1km in front of me, and 2-3km in the sky.

Other Witnesses: I was alone, but a car drove past me as I was walking up the road.

Apparent Size: Slightly bigger than pea sized

Actual Size: The length of a plane, but not width. It was fat like half a football field in shape. Altitude: 2-3 km's

Object Origin: I was walking East/South East the object came from my left from the North/North East.

Object Destination: The object changed direction and took off toward my walking path the East/South East. It did not go 'up' it went forward. Much much much faster than anything I've ever seen.

Moon Visible: Couldn't notice a moon

Moon Size Comparison: Less than a quarter the size of it.

Planets Visible: Yes, most noticbly, the object went right under Alpha Centauri. Very clear night lots of stars and freezing cold.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Calm

Viewing Aids: Naked Eye

Effects Physical: No that I know of yet.

Effects Psychological: Ye rushed home and called dad right away to tell. Really kind of excited mixed with arousal and freaking out.

Effects Other: Well not really. But I called my dad right away. He said he did see a UFO once a few years ago, with his friend also. He said what I explained I saw was exactly like the experience he had.


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Diane Harrison/Frola

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