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Miriam Vale, Queensland

September 11th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 11/09/2008 21:17

11.09.08 MIRIAM VALE (QLD) 1815hrs (NL)
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: MR. Peter x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 2 minutes.
Occupation: Refueling Supervisor (Antarctica)
Qualifications: Trade qualifications in Motor Mechanics

Observation: I saw a white light move across the sky. It came from a south easterly direction (roughly from Bunderberg) and travelled in a north by northwesterly direction.

While still travelling towards me it began to change course, towards a northeasterly direction. For a few moments I could still see the light appearing and disappearing behind the clouds.

I kept watching, whether the light would reappear at the end of the cloud (quite a distance away) and it did.

The light was still very strong so I quickly ran inside to get my binoculars but, as it always happens I suppose, by the time I got back the light was gone.

When I last saw the light, it was a long way away, probably out to sea already; and if so it probably would have been south of Gladstone (the nearest bigger city).

The Jumbo jets have a flight-pass across this area on their way north. Sometimes one can hear them and when it’s cold one can of course see their trails and the aircraft itself. At night they are immediately recognizable with their flashing navigation lights, sometimes even the port and starboard lights.

Helicopters cross this area (western slope of Mount Colosseum) too at times.

Description: There are a couple of things that I found strange:
1. I had the feeling that when the light (the occupants of the craft) noticed that I noticed them, they began to change course towards east and out to sea.

2. The light did not change intensity. The light was comparable in brightness to an aircraft landing light. But it didn’t look exactly like one (I don’t know how to describe that better.) The brightness or size of the light did not change as it was travelling past my location. From where it came to where I last saw it must have been at least 120 degrees or so, in other words it went right past me, at a great distance of course. I can work that out a bit more accurately.

Probably the strangest thing was that the light still had the same intensity when it was travelling away from me.

Aircraft landing lights don’t do that – they are very bright when the plane is seen head-on; but once an aircraft turns, the lights are nowhere near as effective. From side-on, I would assume, they can’t be seen at all.

Sometimes you can see the cabin lights of a passenger aircraft; again, I reckon I would know if I saw them.

The light of this thing was to bright to be cabin lights. I thought about it at the time, and it may have been possible for the sun reflecting on the object even so on the ground it was already pretty dark.

Location: At home; sitting at me favored place watching the world go by. The nearest town is Miriam Vale; my place is about 400 m off the Bruce Highway, about 10 k’s south of Miriam Vale.

Apparent Size Other: About a matchstick head size

Actual Size: At first I thought it was an aircraft landing light but I soon discarded that idea. From what I have seen, mainly helicopters, they tend to have a peculiar and distinctive wobble to them.

This light had nothing like it (it was rock-solid steady) and, what more, it was very white.

The size was much the same as when you see an aircraft landing light (helicopter) from way out.

Altitude: Hard to say. The light was above cloud level (3/8 to 5/8 cloud cover; I’m not exactly sure). I reckon the clouds must have been at least a couple of thousand meters high probably more like 5,000 meters or so.

I reckon the light was about half as high as the jumbo jets usually are. Put differently, maybe about the altitude of the Qantas regional jet every morning at about ten to seven.

Object Origin: Came from south by south east, was heading north by northwest and then changed course to a north easterly direction while still at least 10 to 15 miles out. With the directions I can be much more specific because there are good landmarks.

Object Destination: See above. I reckon it headed in a northeasterly direction.

Moon Visible: The moon was out and shining brightly when not covered by clouds. The moon must be about 2/3 size at this stage (I’m too lazy to go outside again to confirm this.) The moon was also almost directly above, maybe five or ten degrees to the east.

No stars were visible at that stage but I could see them through the binoculars.

Moon Size Comparison: About the size of a matchstick head, or maybe a 20th of the size of the moon as it was then; something like that. See also above.

Planets Visible: Not at the very time of the sighting; they came out later. The light was at least ten times the size of the biggest star, or more, and much clearer and brighter.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Cloudy, Calm

Weather Comments: Clouds were starting to go high; good weather tomorrow

Other Experiences: Yes. In Tasmania, a few years back, I saw three lights travelling in formation. They looked very much like satellites and travelled at the appropriate speed.

My mother reported to me that on the 18. January, 2006 at about 20:00, she saw an orange light travel across our area at a fairly low level and quite slow. It’s size was about an orange she reckons.

The light's speed must have been proportionally less than that of a jumbo. I believe it was about half to two thirds the altitude of a jumbo and this thing still travelled as fast across the sky.



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