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Seaford, Victoria

September 20th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 20/09/2008 00:54:20

15.09.08 SEAFORD (VIC) 2300hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Mathew & mother.
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes

Observation: 2 lights appeared in the sky, appeared to hover one lower than the other. Did not seem to be a plane as they did not shift position greatly or travel any usual flight path at all i.e. no horizontal traversing. They glowed bright red and were above cloud level.

I was watching the Count Of Monte Cristo on tv and looked out our dining room window and saw in the break of clouds these two lights. I got up and went outside to get a better view, I assessed my angle and the power lines were not in my view to reflect street lights back, there was great cloud cover but they were in a break with stars visible. I wondered if they could have been flares or remnants of fireworks but they did not drift like flares remained constant colour and intensity and were too far apart to be plane lights.

I went and got my mother she came and looked at them, couldn't explain what they were and said not to worry about them. I continued to watch them, then they were enveloped by the clouds and through the clouds ceased to appear. They did shift slightly at some stage closer to each other and further apart, as well as up and down slightly but extremely slowly.

Description: Did not react like a plane, did not get bigger or smaller like one, appeared to hover.

Other Witnesses: Mother Margaret, briefly for a minute. Same residence.

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized

Actual Size: Three times the size of any star present in the sky and red not white.

Altitude: Above cloud height.

Object Origin: North West.

Object Destination: North West

Effects Other: Our cat started to react strange, appear frightened or disturbed like when she knows a storm is coming but worse which is why I looked towards her and then saw what was above her through the window the light's in the sky. She also threw up about 20 minutes after the lights disappeared. Not pleasant.

Effects Other Witnesses: None.

Other Experiences: No.


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