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Canberra, Melba, ACT

November 14th 2008

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

14.11.08 Canberra, Melba (ACT) 1930hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. Anita O
Number of witnesses present: 5
Sighting Duration: 3 minutes
Occupation: Public Servant

Observation: A black object was noticed in the sky flying over our backyard. It was shaped like a diamond / rectangle, at first we were wondering if it was a kite, but soon rejected this idea as it smoothly travelled across the sky from the north west going towards south east, in a steady direct motion, below cloud level, in its continuous soundless flight. We don't know how big it was as this depended on the distance between us and it. We have no idea what it was and would love to find out if possible??

Description: As mentioned above, there was no sound at all, while it flew past. It travelled so smoothly, maintaining its height, direction and speed (not at all like it was travelling on the wind). It kept going until it was a tiny dot in the sky and we couldn't see it any longer in the distance. It did not deviate at all off its path. There was 5 of us that watched it and thought it looked like a diamond or a slightly rectangle shape, solid black in colour.

Location: Populated suburban area of Canberra. There were 5 of us that watched it and are all family members

Apparent Size Other: originally like a kite

Actual Size: as above, it originally looked like the size of a kite, although in further inspection, it was too high up, and this made it hard to work out its actual size, as it would later seem that it was much bigger than a kite.

Altitude: Just below cloud level

Object Origin: North west to south east, above our backyard.

Object Destination: It just kept going on its path, until we couldn't see it any longer.

Moon Visible: It was still light, so did not notice the moon.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Warm, Calm


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