UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Beechboro, Perth, Western Australia

December 22nd 2008

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Beechboro Perth Western Australia

Date: 22/12/2008

Time: 12.00 pm

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 5

Shape of objects: Different shapes

Weather Conditions: Perfectly fine clear day

Description: I walked out the front of my house and my daughter 19 months old said plane daddy. I looked in the sky and saw a round blue and silver object. I noticed that it had no sound, it seemed to me that the blue colour was the same shade as the sky and hard to make out, I assumed that the silver shine was possibly a combined reflection of the sun and it body. It flew at a consistent speed rather slow. It also seemed to pulsate, not colour - but matter-hard to explain.

It flew directly overhead of myself and daughter slowing down as it passed us. I would say that it was at roughly cloud level although there were no clouds. As it passed us it seemed to slow, then it turned a red colour, the red was emitted from the object as the colour was not solid. As soon as it emitted red it disappeared. I knew what I had seen was not of this world.

I kept walking as I was going to the shop, as I got 50 meters down the road my daughter again said daddy a plane, as I looked into the sky I saw what I thought to be a star although I quickly realised that it was no star as it was moving quite fast north. I also noticed that three silver-not shining-silver objects were flying around this star looking object. I was confused because the star object looked out of proportion to the objects flying around it-I wasn't sure exactly whether all 4 objects were at the same height.

As the silver objects were flying they were pulling off incredible manoeuvres and it seemed to me and strange to say that the silver objects had a innocent or child like nature in the way that they were flying around, like they were playing a game of chasy-sounds weird. The silver objects seemed to go back to the star and then reemerged again three more times. All this time my 20 month old daughter is still saying plane daddy which is still blowing me away because they were so high in the sky it was hard for me to see. The other thing that seemed odd to me is that this star like object seemed to be encased in a blue ball of something, the first thing that came to mind was water as the bubble of water? Was a slightly darker shade of blue than the sky at the time. I continued to watch these object continuing north until they were out of sight.

I rang meteorology and they knew nothing and I rang the police to see if anyone else had reported a sighting although they said that they hadn't......... 2 days later I was in my back yard and was playing with my daughter and I saw a object that at distance looked like a plane although it wasn't on a flight path used by other planes as I have observed since living here. As I looked closer I realised that this object was grey, had no wings, made no noise and was massive at a distance.

It was around 2.45 pm, north east flying east, the weather was clear as day not a cloud in the sky. This grey object had no markings and seemed to fly at irregular speeds, nothing excessive although it seemed to stall now and again. The distance had to be at least ten to twenty kilometers away.

I bought myself a video camera after my last sighting two days prior and ran inside to get it, as I came out side and tried to focus in on it it disappeared. My daughter saw it too although it seemed strange to me that something that large was not caught on camera or seen by someone else here, although I have been told that not everyone can see them..thank you for your interest, I'm not wasting your time as these things actually happpened. I hope that I have more sightings and can send you some footage next time.

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