UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Helena Valley, Perth, Western Australia

April 26th 2009

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Helena Valley, Perth, Western Australia

Date: April 26 2009

Time: 8:30pm - 11pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: Around 10, possibly more.

Shape of objects: Typical UFO shape with the raised middle section

Weather Conditions: Clear warm night

Description: My partner and I got lost trying to find a rock that we usually sit at to watch the moon rise over the hills. After 2 hours of walking in bush we finally found the rock and settled and unpacked our stuff..cushions, food etc.

My partner brought this star to my attention above where these two hills intersected and asked me if I thought it was moving. I had just been looking at that area not long ago and there was no star so it did grab my attention. As we both stared at it, it started to move to the right of our view. It was slow at first and we were a little taken back but then it just changed into this much larger orange organic looking craft type shape. It was bouncing around like on a string and moving up and down erratically moving slowly to the right over the hills until out of our view.

We were eating some left over KFC from lunch that day but after this, we lost our appetites and something had clicked in our heads..was surreal.

After about 10 minutes of excitement over what just happened there was a pin prick of a star in the sky above us that appeared. It was about the size of a satellite, which at times you had to squint to see. It was moving at very fast speed across the sky in all sorts of directions unpredictably. After this "star" disappeared, there was a short intermission and then our eyes were drawn to a flash to our right just over the hill top. Then appeared as if out of nowhere a 'craft' I'll call it, that had strobe like red and blue lights flashing from it. It also had a white light body from memory. This craft moved to the left over the hill tops moving in a similar erratic up and down..sometimes back and forward motion as the first 'craft'. As this one moved three quarters the way to our left..it instantly changed into the same organic orange shape of the first one and danced around in a surreal way making its way almost all the way to the left then dropping down below the tree line.

To sum this experience up, there were many more 'craft' that appeared the same way as the last one mentioned which would travel all the way to the exact same spot to the left and drop below the tree line. Some would go a bit further left but then back up and drop at the same spot. Also, no craft after the second one turned into that orange colour..they were just strobing red and blue lights. Sometimes as one was dropping below the tree line to the left, another would appear and make its way across. This lasted for a few hours with around 10 min intervals in between. It was like watching a sky show in the end and the last one came as we were packed and walking down the hill ...which we stopped and watched and then walked home. Looking back throughout the trail we never saw them again. Ive been back countless times and have seen nothing.

There is a flight path over that area but these were definitely NOT planes. I see the planes all the time and they move in a consistent flight path and speed. The craft we saw would move backward, up and down in short spaces. In fact I have watched UFO documentaries before such as the Billy Meier case and thought the way the craft 'danced' around looked unreal..fake sort of..but after seeing the movement for myself I can say its very real. Even a helicopter couldn't move that fast back and forward and I'm sure we would have heard it.

It could be some top secret government project or something but its not our common technology.

I'm sorry if this isnt in the correct format for your site but maybe you can just take the main points out of it.

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