UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Dubbo, New South Wales

June 16th 2009

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Date: 6 16 2009

Time: 6.35pm

Number of witnesses: One

Number of objects: Two but separate

Shape of objects: First V shape, second oval shaped white ball.

Weather Conditions: Approx 13c, no wind, some cloud cover.

Description: At 6.35pm I went outside in the backyard to call a friend and chat, I looked up at the sky and to the north I spotted what I initially thought was a falling star and got excited because I had seen what I thought was THE biggest falling star a few weeks prior that was actually blue and orange as it fell, this 'star' however after appearing larger, flattened out and moved slowly and in a controlled manner across the sky (not the right speed for a plane or a falling star). As it moved slowly across the sky it began dipping lower and I new I'd lose sight of it behind the tree line. Before I lost it, it turned? and became like a V shape with the apex pointing downward, but not a straight V, almost like the symbol of Aries. It was very clear and soundless and 'felt' to be a fair distance from me. I have perfect vision btw.

The second sighting occurred about 2 hrs later, I was still chatting on the phone (have had glass of wine by this point, but still have never seen that with other glasses of wine!) and walking around the backyard as I spoke. This time I glanced up to see an oblong shape of white light that appeared much closer than the first object and was almost overhead but more in the direction of north. I started telling my friend on the phone about it and when I looked back up it was gone.

I don't recall ever seeing two more distinct sightings in my life and they both happened two hours apart, yet quite different objects.

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