UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Near El Cabalo Blanco, Western Australia

June 26th 2009

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Along Great Eastern Hwy 2minutes from Elcabalo Blanco heading towards Perth.

Date: June 26 2009

Time: 6:52am

Number of witnesses: 2 including myself

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Circular/ flattish

Weather Conditions: Slight rainy day but no rain at time of sighting

Description: Mum and I were travelling to Perth from Northam, we had been driving for 35 minutes, I looked up and saw clearly this object very close in sky heading slowly toward us. It was about 25 sec's later it stayed stationary for 15 sec's, I didnt want to point it out to my sceptical mum or say anything as she may have thought I was crazy. Just then she said "thats not a plane is it" as we were drawn to the object in the sky by its two amazingly powerfully bright lights that looked like someone stole from the M.C.G, just then she had confirmed what I was terrified of thinking, I replied fearfully "no...its a ufo" waiting for her reaction, to my disbelief and surprise she answered "well it must be".

Just then I searched through my bag for my camera, but it became too late, it had just vanished in a flash of thin air. We looked and looked, every direction in the sky...but it simply never reappeared again that morning. I told my father what we saw that day he strongly believes in what we saw, he said he and a few workmates had seen what they claimed to be ufo's behind his work yard in Northam and around just out of town on a few recent occasions. I also reluctantly told my close friend, in fear of being laughed at and not believed, she replied with a puzzled expression on her face that she also has witnessed exactly what mum and I had seen on the exact same location, only she was on the other side of the road travelling the opposite direction, she said she has seen this object twice in the last two weeks around this location and she too kept quiet fearing no one would believe her.

Can someone please follow up this finding and let me know if there are any new looking aircraft to fit the description we saw, that would have been flying around that time of the day in that same location as we are looking for answers, and also want to hear from anyone else who may have witnessed it but is too scared to come forward.

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