UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Hamilton, New South Wales

November 6th 2009

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Hamilton, NSW, Australia

Date: 06 11 2009

Time: 9pm and then when I went back outside again at 9.30pm until it went from view at 9.55pm

Number of witnesses: Several. Myself, also a man walking past my home at 9.30pm, he had been watching it on and off since 8pm. The following day I spoke to the local newsagent who said he and his wife saw it at 9pm the night before.

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Large circle of white lights several houses wide.

Weather Conditions: Cool night, some scattered cloud.

Description: Large circle of white lights several houses wide. This circle of lights rotated slowly around the circumference in an anti-clockwise direction, practically just above the power lines directly above my head. then whilst still rotating it moved across the sky past my house. The circle of lights was so large and low that when it moved past my home the lights were visible either side of the buildings and tall trees it passed. It was a hollow circle of lights that could pass through the roof tops and trees, no need to go around them. This was at 9pm. At 9.30pm after telling a friend on the phone about it, I went back outside to see if it had retuned, with my friend still on the phone I said it had returned. Fortunately a man was walking past my house at the same time that I was telling my friend on the phone that I could still see the lights. I asked the passer by if he had seen anything in the sky and he pointed upwards and said "yes. I have been watching that for ages."

He described seeing what I have described since 8pm. Without any prompting. Together we watched as the lights got smaller and higher, still rotating. There was a cloud directly above the rotating lights but not elsewhere near the lights. The lights got higher and rotated in and out of the cloud that had previously been above the lights. Together we watched as the lights went straight upwards and got smaller and smaller until they disappeared completely. We commented that the cloud had also risen and disappeared also. It was 9.55pm when both of us could no longer see it at all, just a faint pale wisp of lightness in a very dark sky in the far far distance.

The next morning I asked the local newsagent if he had seen anything unusual in the sky last night. Without any prompting he said he and his wife had seen what I have described except he said that the lights rotated horizontally and then rotated vertically.

When I had seen the lights at 9.30pm the lights did appear to be erratic and vertically rotating, I thought it was due to the effect of the cloud. I now believe it was probably rotating vertically as the newsagent had seen it do at 9pm when it was much lower.

TV/Radio: I phoned the ABC radio in Newcastle on saturday the 7th Nov to ask if anyone had reported any sightings. They said not yet, and took my name and number and said it would be a topic for Talkback Radio this week.

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