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Semaphore South, South Australia

February 18th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received on 23/02/2010 14:28:18

18.02.10 SEMAPHORE SOUTH (SA) 17:15hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. NATHAN M
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 2.5 hrs
Occupation: Used Car dealer Director

Observation: I awoke and realised that I had forgot to put my rubbish out for collection and went outside to do so. When I did (in my dreary state) I thought I noticed movement in the sky but ignored it as I thought it was my eyes playing with me, as they do when I look at stars at night as I often have/do.

I put the bins out and went into my backyard by the pool and stared over the ocean concentrating on the stars ( I live 2 houses from the sea-front). That's when I noticed 10 to 15 star looking objects (similar to satellites) darting all over the sky at speeds and that were way way to fast to be satellites. They seemed to play with each other doing circles around each other, figure 8's etc. This carried on for about 20 minutes before I went and awoke my wife who refused to look calling me a idiot. I didn't bother to try to photograph it as Ive tried to photograph stars before and it didn't work so I sat in my chair and watched in amazement.

This was when the most amazing experience happened that has left me obsessed in trying to find out more. A small faint star from the horizon grew bigger and bigger obviously travelling at a incredible speed ( as fast as a shooting star) to the point it appeared to be only (and this is impossible for me to judge) a few hundred metres up and obviously no longer star sized . Came to a complete stop and lit up extremely bright , not blinding but un-misable if you were close in the area and looking. It seemed to explode into a diamond shape (ish) and through the light I could make out a greyish / metallic colour. It then disappeared into a cloud (which seemed strange as it would have been the only cloud I could see at the time, it did get cloudy early the next day)and that was the last I saw of it. That episode would have lasted only a minute or 2. I was really excited and lost for words.

Knowing my wife wouldn't believe me I sat back and continued to watch the stars flying all over the sky for the next 2 hours.(approx-till the sun came up)

At times a satellite (which I think was a satellite) passed by and some of the stars would chase and circle it as if playing a game.

I know that staring at the stars at night can be deceptive and make it look like they are moving and I knew this the night this happened . This was not the case as when something actually is moving its very obvious. - Description: Only the burst of light. Otherwise it was all unusual.

Location: Semaphore South, Adelaide, South Australia. A house on the corner of Jervois Rd and William St.

Apparent Size: Star

Apparent Size Other: the exception for the one which came close to be about the size of a tennis ball (roughly)

Actual Size: no idea on the star moving 1's but the close 1 approx. a mid sized plane, huge helicopter.

Altitude: in space and approx. a few hundred metres up

Object Origin: north. darted everywhere. all seemed to come from the north and left back that way as the sun came up.

Object Destination: north

Moon Visible: didn't notice the moon, although it was probably there as it was a bright night

Moon Size Comparison: don't know

Planets Visible: I assume so. Hard to pick the difference between the movements.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Warm, Sunny, Calm

Other Experiences: Yes. I saw a month or so before 1 star sized object dart from horizon to horizon (I thought was a shooting star at 1st) and back again, do a circle and fade out.

Two nights later I noticed a triangle of 3 stars which I thought was a constellation go from stationary for a long time to start moving (where you could see other stars being over taken by them and the front 1 disappear (fade out), then the back 2. This lasted at least 10 min.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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