UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Daylesford, Victoria

April 2010

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Daylesford Victoria

Date: April/2010

Time: between 12pm to 4am (not sure as I woke up and did not view time)

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: When I first saw the object it was a huge white light and this light flashed on and off lighting up the surrounding sky, and then it would dance one the entire sky at high speeds. The it zoomed up into the sky and cam down to an area closer to me, above a hill. When in this position I could clearly see the entire vessel. It was a a vessel in 4 divisions with the top division a dome like structure and then levels down from that dome. It hovered and continued to flash its light and then zoomed off.

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: It was a cold clear night with very few clouds.

Description: I was in my bedroom asleep but woke up from my cat knocking up the bathroom tap which was not a twist tap but one easily pulled upwards to turn on the water. I hear the water. My room has floor to ceiling windows which are never covered. I return to bed after turning of the tap.

I look out the window to be instantly captivated by a huge bright light flashing on and off. When it flashed, it lit up the entire surrounding area. It then would zoom up the sky and down the sky and all over the sky. It was in the distance. When it zoomed upward the bright light would diminish to a smaller light and then it would go very bright again. It danced one the entire sky. I was fixated, what chin (watching) it very attentively.

It suddenly zoomed high up into the sky, and I thought it would then leave the atmosphere. Instead it suddenly zoomed down closer to my house, in the nearer distance. It places itself above a slight hill with gum trees. As the sky was clear, I then could see the object above where the light was coming from. It was a sleek, grey colour, and was is the typical shape we typically know UFO's to look like but not so flat disk like.

It appeared to have four divisions or levels to the craft. The top was a dome shaped and then went down in levels. The bright light was coming from below and it continued to flash on and off. When off, the vessel just hovered above this hill area. It was quite large. I then got our of bed and went close to the window. I got quite fearful now but knew it was not going to harm. It just hovered, for about ten minutes and then it zoomed at a huge speed backwards and up into the sky again. It continued to dance across the sky.

I am a very reasonable, realistic person and the incident was certainly not me seeing things, or believing something is an object in my mind. It was as real as driving on a highway seeing the surrounding cars. I was wide awake and knew what I was seeing was real. I am an intelligent person and know that of course there are other living planets but questioned the ability with space and time if possible for other living beings to be able to reach us. In more research in physics it is more than possible with the right technology. I think our governments know more that they are letting up, and after seeing this for myself and so clearly, it has changed my perspective of life on our planet. It is either a ufo from other life or government technology we are not aware of. What ever, it is, we all should start demanding answers .

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