UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Swiss Mountain Hotel, near Blampied, Victoria

April 24th 2010

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Just past the Clunes turn off at Blampied on the Daylesford/Ballarat Road

Date: April 24 2010

Time: Just after 11.30pm..

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 3 separate objects

Shape of objects: Rounded

Weather Conditions: Cloudy, cold but fine..objects appeared to be under the cloud level

Description: I had just turned onto the Clunes road at Blampied, at the Swiss Mountain Hotel turn off on the Daylesford/Ballarat Road, and had travelled no more than a minute or 2 when i saw what I first thought was a shooting star through my front windscreen starting about where the rear vision mirror is, and heading in the same direction I was going, quite fast. It then seemed to accelerate at incredible speed and disappear in the same direction.. I saw it for a few seconds.

The object was round, solid and shining white in colour..too solid and round for a shooting star, and it was below the clouds, travelling parallel to the ground, but high up...shooting stars dont do that...it was too fast for a plane or helicopter and was travelling the same way I was going until it sped up and disappeared.

Further along the same road, I saw 2 more similar objects travelling in a similar manner but they werent as big as this first one..or maybe they were further away.

I didnt get a good look, only a glimpse of the last 2..the first one i only saw for a few seconds..

The road I was travelling on was a narrow country Victorian back lane..one car wide and unlit..

I arrived home to find a message on my phone from my friend C. who had also seen a similar object and pulled over at the Swiss Mountain Hotel at Blampied..she described her sighting which would have been minutes before mine, if not at the same time, and within a couple of kms.

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