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Melbourne, Victoria

May 12th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

12.05.10 MELBOURNE (VIC) 17:49hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Mushein
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 20 minutes
Occupation: Postgraduate Student

Observation: I'm staying on the 17th floor of my building where you could see the whole view of Melbourne from my room. There is a set of turntables set in front of my window in the room. Every evening, I would make a habit practicing with my turntables while enjoying the view (reason why i set them up in front of the window). On that particular day, while I was spinning, I saw from my window a large black object floating and circling around the buildings. At first I thought it was a chopper or something, but the way it moves made me suspicious, then I came to realized, that was not a helicopter. It moved really strange, and it does look like a flying saucer. So I stopped, grabbed my digital camera, and record it for 5 minutes, the incident went on for about 20 minutes until that thing left.

Description: It goes up and down and circling the buildings, it also changed its shape sometimes. The following day, although this may sound unreal, on the same time the object appeared again but this time with 2 small flying objects around it, one goes circling on far left of my window and the other on far right while the main big black object stays in the middle. At that time, I didn't even bother to record it again as I don't really believe in UFO and I thought I could be wrong.

Location: On Elizabeth Street, Melbourne city

Other Witnesses: It was just me alone as my house mate went back home to Malaysia.

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate

Actual Size: helicopter size I assume, slightly bigger

Altitude: I'm on level 17, so I'm guessing probably 25-27 storey building or higher

Object Origin: I only start noticing when the object just floats still in the middle of the buildings.

Object Destination: it floats slowly towards to the right side from my window.

Weather Sky: Cloudy

Weather Comments: it was getting dark

Viewing Aids: videoed.


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