UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Limestone, Victoria

May 22nd 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

22.05.10 LIMESTONE (VIC) 00:25hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Miss Amber
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 15 Mins plus

Observation: I'm up studying and my Dad is heading to bed but tells me he is seeing some unusual lights in the sky. Some of the cows in the paddock over the hill are being noisy as well. I get up and follow him to our top room, the house in darkness except for my room (other end of house). He turns out his torch and points to the sky slightly lower to the horizon than zenith and there are quite a few fast blinking green and orange lights.

They are not all in the one place but seem to be spread over a little distance but in the same shape - like on a large object? Occasionally there are purple and red lights as well. He observes through the binoculars and tells me that the lights on object appear to be moving quite rapidly. I take a look through the binoculars, and the lights/object appear to be in a teardrop or convex-lens shape, vertical. The lights at the top are the brightest but appear to feed down through the whole shape.

It is indeed moving quite rapidly but not over large distances as I am able to keep it in my binocular frame. It is moving a little to the left and then the right and becomes harder to see through some treetops. The lights remain blinking sometimes bright, sometimes not so. We watch for another 10 mins or so and then decide to look online to see if anyone else has seen/is seeing it?

Description: Object covered in lights - that's what we could see. It appeared to be in a teardrop or convex "()" shape (vertical, like the parenthesis inside "") with the lights at the top being brightest, but all visible the length. Lights were mainly green and orange but with some red and purple flashing as well. It appeared to be moving quite rapidly within a smallish area (was able to keep it, mainly in the binocular frame so wasn't zipping huge distances). It moved a few degrees left and then right, and rose and sunk as well. Didn't hear any sounds apart from the cows over the hill as object seemed some distance away (few kilometres? not near us anyway). It didn't appear to change shape.

Location: At home, Limestone. Object appeared to be some distance away, over the hills to the south of property.

Other Witnesses: My Dad was the one who brought this to my attention.

Apparent Size: Tennis Ball

Apparent Size Other:

Actual Size: Object appeared tennis ball size to us, but seemed quite some distance away (some kilometres?) Altitude: From our position was in treetops, but we are looking uphill at it (is above us, rising hills). Trees were at our altitude. As stated above, appeared to be midway ... maybe 1/3 above the horizon towards zenith... quite low in the sky.

Object Origin: I Did not see. It was staying in the same general area for time observed.

Object Destination: Was still visible when we stopped looking... had been there 25 mins or so....

Moon Visible: I Wasn't able to see the moon... think it was behind or beside the house? Definitely not in the direction we were looking.

Moon Size Comparison: Maybe about 1/5th size full moon would be at the same height above the horizon?

Planets Visible: Yes, other stars were visible.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Calm.


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