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Wamberal, New South Wales

June 9th 2010

Central Coast Express Advocate

UFO mystery sighting on Central Coast

Location: Wamberal, New South Wales

Date: June 9th 2010

Time: 6:45am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

.....Sharon Smith was busy eating breakfast and packing lunches on Wednesday, June 9, when she looked out the window of her Wamberal home and saw something from out of this world.

“It was about 6.45am and it was a quiet morning, no breeze, no noise with the sun just coming up and I saw this bright white light,” Mrs Smith said.

.....“It was there for about 10 minutes and it kept moving quite fast and then it would stop and then it would move again,” Mrs Smith said.

.....“It definitely wasn’t a plane or a helicopter and it didn’t have a tail, but I don’t know what it could have been,” Daniel said.

Photo of sighting
The light snapped by Daniel Smith, of Wamberal, last week.
Daniel and his mother Sharon were eating breakfast when
they spotted the object.

The original full length article was at: http://express-advocate-wyong.whereilive.com.au/news/story/ufo-mystery-sighting-on-central-coast/

UFOINFO thanks James Tucker and Glenn Mitchell from the Cumberland & Courier Newspapers for granting permission to use extracts from the original article.

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