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Ferny Grove, Queensland

June 21st 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

21.06.10 FERNY GROVE (QLD) 18:20hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Barry H
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: Just over one minute all up.
Occupation: Public Servant

Observation: I am not reporting the sighting of a UFO but an explanation of what I observed would be most welcome.

At approximately 6:20pm (AEST) on the evening of Monday, 21 June 2010 I was in my back yard in a north western suburb of Brisbane visually (unaided eye) scanning for satellites roughly in the Southern Cross to Scorpio area. I noticed a faint point of light travelling southish, nothing spectacular (I would estimate about magnitude 4 and not varying in brightness, and no blinking red lights either) and thought "oh good, a satellite, I'll follow it until it disappears".

After a few unspectacular seconds of steady flight the point of light reached just below Triangulum Australe. Here it suddenly started to rapidly, and quite visibly, wobble for a second or two (something like a tight oscilloscope pattern) still heading in the same direction. This got my undivided attention as I thought "that's unusual".

The object then brightened in a sudden and spectacular fashion. It took about a half second reach a brilliance I estimated to be about twice as bright Venus, which I had been looking at only a couple of minutes earlier. It ceased wobbling at this time and, after flaring for only a second or two, faded just as rapidly to its original brightness and continued on its roughly southern course as a faint point of light, without any more unusual activity. It took about another half a minute before becoming to faint to see somewhere well below the Southern Cross.

I still stared in that direction, hoping to get a final glimpse of the object when, within a couple of seconds of the first object vanishing another faint point of light came from the right (western side) of my field of view. It appeared to be travelling much faster than the first object and proceeded to vanish in roughly the same patch of sky as the first object. I can not remember ever seeing a satellite on that trajectory or at that speed so I thought that it may have been a military jet aircraft.

Neither appeared to behave like meteors. I ran into the house to get my binoculars but they did not help in seeing anything further. The sighting of the two objects, one behaving in a spectacular fashion and the other seemingly speeding to intercept, gave me the impression that the two had some connection, although coincidentally convergent satellites would be a safer assumption.

My guess is that they may have been military jets, with something visually very odd about the first that appeared. There was no sound that I could associate with either object but traffic noise may have been loud enough to account for that. I have waited a couple of days to see if there were any news or U-tube reports to sate my curiosity but haven't seen anything specific to the time and date stated above.

The whole event was odd enough for me to take steps to get an explanation. Can you kindly assist?

Description: As mentioned. The first object suddenly started to rapidly, and quite visibly, wobble for a second or two (something like a tight oscilloscope pattern of maybe a dozen peaks and troughs). It happenned so suddenly, for such a short duration and without any warning that this number is just a guess.

The instant the wobbling ceased the first object flared brilliantly for about a second then instantly faded to its original brightness and continued on as if nothing had happened. There was no sound associated with the sighting.

Location: In my backyard at the address in my Personal details section.

Other Witnesses: No other witnesses.

Apparent Size: Star

Actual Size: Point sources of light. The both looked very much like satelites.

Altitude: Anywhere from a couple of kilometers (if aircraft) to Earth orbit.

Object Origin:
   First object: - First sighted near or within Scorpio, heading roughly south.
   Second object: Above the southern horizon, probably near the south celestial pole, some distance to the right of where the first object vanished, heading east.

Object Destination: Both objects vanished abruptly somewhere below the Southern Cross or there-abouts.

Moon Visible: The moon was visable, from memory and about first quarter, again from memory.

Moon Size Comparison: Points of light.

Planets Visible: Relatively clear night. Many stars for a light poluted city view. Planets were observable in other directions as the objects were nowhere near the ecliptic.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Mild, Calm.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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