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Myrniong, Victoria

June 28th/29th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

28 & 29.06.10 Myrniong (VIC) 08:34hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: [Name withheld]
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes.

Observation: Looking out the window of the train I noticed a cluster of orange lights hovering near the horizon. I could see four of them clearly, but at first I thought I might be seeing things. I watched them for about a minute curiously before deciding that they weren't helicopters or airplanes. There were no clouds and I couldn't identify them as any atmospheric effect I knew of. I always carry my camera/video recorder, so I got it out of my bag and decided to take some photos. I realised that I had to turn the flash off and then finally got a clear focus shot while the train was slowed. I looked at the shot on replay and realised even when zooming in it was difficult to see the objects, so I tried to get more shots with the optical and digital zoom. However, they didn't come out well. The movement of the train made them somewhat fuzzy and the train began to wind through the treed hills and descend through cuttings, which effectively obscured the objects from view. Strangely, I didn't think to video them. When they finally returned to view, they appeared to have faded or disappeared. However, I could still see glimpses of one or two between the trees.

The next day at about the same time in the same spot I saw two more objects but observed them for a shorter period of time and as nobody seemed to care for them, I ignored them. The next day I looked for them again, but there was low cloud cover, and I did not see anything that time. Description: The objects were solid looking and at different distances. They appeared to be arranged in a formation. They omitted an orangey/white sharp light.

The second day the two objects I saw was much sharper and larger, almost fire like in their glow. However, I did not take a photo this time as I was busy on my laptop, and I wrote it off as an atmospheric effect.

When I reviewed the photos later and showed my wife, she agreed that they were unusual to say the least and we both sharpened them to find that there were probably more of them, in the distance, and that the nearest/largest one appeared to be solid and disc shaped. I searched the Internet and news sites but could not find any reports of golden lights in the Ballan/Bacchus Marsh area and thought - surely someone else must have seen or photographed this.. - Location: I was on a V/Line train travelling between Ballan and Bacchus Marsh. We were somewhere near Myrniong. In the photo, I took you can make out what appears to be the Mount Blackett communications mast with trees and mountains beyond. Based on looking at my photos and memory, I'd place the objects hovering somewhere over Lerderberg State Park.

Other Witnesses: The guy in the seat behind me saw me taking photos and looked for what I was taking photos of. I glanced at him and he glanced at me, and he seemed to have seen the lights and seemed puzzled by the lights but neither of us said anything. I'm not sure if anyone else on the train noticed. It would be worth contacting some of the people who catch the morning V/Line 7:46 (service 8118) between Ballarat and Melbourne on both days.

Actual Size: The closest one looked like it might have been big, possibly the size of a small jet. The others are difficult to tell and could have been any size.

Altitude: They were low on the horizon, but I would estimate they were quite high up. Probably, the height at which light aircraft fly.

Object Origin: The objects seemed to appear as it got lighter in fixed positions near the horizon.

Object Destination: They appeared to move very slowly relative to one another and stayed in formation, but this may have been an illusion due to the train moving. The objects appeared to fade after a few minutes.

Moon Visible: The moon was not visible as far as I could tell.

Moon Size Comparison: Smaller.

Planets Visible: No stars or planets were visible.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Cold, Sunny, Calm.

Viewing Aids: photographed without zoom as well as with both optical and digital zoom.

Magnified and cropped section of photo below
Magnified and cropped section of photo below

Photo of sighting showing four objects in the sky


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