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Mayfield West, New South Wales

July 23rd 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

23.07.10 MAYFIELD WEST (NSW) 19:00hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Darren
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 seconds
Occupation: X

Observation: I was on my back deck around 7pm & looked up directly northward & saw what looked like a very bright star (around the size of a 5 cent piece) held directly at arms' length. I often see flashing & moving lights at night as we are close to a flight path & I can determine from the height if they are tracking north to Brisbane say or coming in to land at Williamtown. This was different though, for starters it was large - as I mentioned above & it wobbled a slightly - which is probably what drew my attention to it.

It appeared to be at a height of most commercial passenger' jets fly at 30,000 feet - but just wobbling. It then seemed to drop towards me slightly - then shoot off directly into space - it disappeared like a bullet. From a 5 cent piece size to a pinhead & then vanish in about 3 to 4 seconds.

We have a RAAF base nearby & are familiar with some of the fighter jets they have, but nothing could come close to the speed this thing moved at?

Description: Wobbling movement Round shaped light - like a ball of light. No sound.

Apparent Size Other: 5 cent piece sized.

Actual Size: at 30 to 40,000 feet - who knows? 3 times a wide as a jumbo, but round?.

Altitude: 30 to 40,000 feet.

Object Origin: Directly north & 70 degrees?.

Object. - Destination: same - just outwards into space.

Moon Visible: there seem to be a full moon last night - but we had patchy rain clouds - this was a break in the weather when north seem to clear for an hour or so.

Moon Size Comparison: 1/8 I would say.

Planets Visible: a few stars were visible, but they were very small in comparison.

Weather Temp: Cold, Cloudy, Breezy.

Weather Comments: clearing showers.


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