UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Seville Grove, Western Australia

August 11th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

11.08.10 SEVILLE GROVE (WA) 18.30 & 18.45: hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. K
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 15 minutes.
Occupation: Home Duties.

Observation: We were driving away from the city, up Ranford road, towards Armadale. I suddenly saw straight ahead in the sky some lights, red, gold, and white. They appeared to be quite large and were blinking off and on. It didn't look like a plane. As they got closer, nearly right over the top of our car, I saw that the craft was like a standing up V shape, except one side of the V was higher - the right side, and the lights were on each tip of the V shape. When one side was lit up, the other side was off. The time duration of the lights changing sides was about 1 second, it was quite fast.

The other thing that caught my attention was the lights on either side of the V were moving in rotation while they were on, like clockwise direction. Also, the craft had no lights on the bottom but had an inner illumination that made it visible to the eye. The craft went over the top of our car and to the car's left and in the direction of Forrestfield or the airport. I couldn't hear any noise from the craft, and it was a cloudy night, it had recently been raining but wasn't at the time. I watched it from the car window (passenger side) until it got quite far away and the lights were hard to see. We got home about 6:45pm and I could no longer see it.

Description: It was shaped like a V, but the right side was higher (I have a picture that I have drawn as an attachment). There was an inner illumination, and each top of the side of the V had lights in red, gold and white that went around in rotation in a clockwise direction. It seemed to fly straight up Ranford road and then crossed over and flew in a straight line towards the airport. There was no audible noise. The lights changed sides every 1 second duration, so the lights rotated on one side for a second then blinked off and rotated on the other side for a second and so on.

Location: Driving down Ranford Road, Canning Vale. Heading towards Armadale.

Other Witnesses: My husband who wishes to remain anonymous.

Apparent Size: Dinner Plate.

Actual Size: I think it was very large, when I first saw it from a distance, in front of the car, it seemed like it was half a dinner plate in size and when it got closer it seemed much larger.

Altitude: I would say it was about as high as a 6 story building. It didn't seem really high but didn't seem as low as some commercial airliners I have seen coming into land that way.

Object Origin: It came from the direction of Armadale, towards the city, but crossed over Ranford Road near Livingston Marketplace and then headed in a straight line towards possibly Forrestfield or the airport.

Object Destination: Forrestfield, the airport.

Moon Visible: I couldn't see the moon, the sky was covered in clouds.

Planets Visible: No, it was cloudy.

Weather Temp: Cold, Cloudy.

Weather Comments: It had just stopped raining about 10 minutes before I caught sight of the object.

Viewing Aids: No


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