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Launceston, Tasmania

August 31st 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

31.08.10 LAUNCESTON (TAS) 23:15hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Patrick
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 1.5 minutes
Occupation: Bartender

Observation: I had to drive to Hobart to pick my girlfriend up. Driving conditions were not good as it was very windy at times and raining. I'm not 100% sure if the sighting was before or after Cleveland, but basically I was driving on the highway with clear paddocks (no trees) on both sides of me.

In the distance, I could see a reddish light, which I first assumed to be the red rear light of another car further "up the hill" ahead of me. But as I came closer, I realised that it was stationary red and blue light hovering about 35 metres or so above the ground in the paddock to my right.

It was also using a very bright spotlight to scan an area of ground in the paddock on the opposite side of the highway. It was moving the spotlight fairly erratically and there was nothing to be seen in the paddock. Just a circle of light and a clear beam of light through the rain.

I slowed down to about 40 - 50 kmph as I passed it, and the blue and red light turned into a solitary green light. I half expected it to turn the spot light upon my car but it did not.

I was going to pull over to take a photo - but did not have my camera with me. I was tempted to stop and wind down my window so that I could hear whether it was a helicopter or not. (What a helicopter could be doing at 12:30 in the morning spotlighting random areas in a paddock is beyond me...) I continued to drive, and checked my rear vision mirror occasionally and could still see that it had not moved and was still moving the spotlight over that area of ground in the paddock.

Description: I could not see any shape of the craft/object, just a red and blue light which turned into a single green light when I was closer to it. The spotlight did not seem to be moving in any real pattern or order.

Location: Either before Cleveland on the Midlands highway or either after Cleveland... I'm almost certain it was between Epping forest and Cleveland - where the trees begin to taper off into the empty paddock.

Other Witnesses: I was the only one in the car, but there were other trucks and a few cars on the highway at that time.

Apparent Size Other: no way to tell - it was too dark and could only see the red and blue lights and the spotlight.

Actual Size: I'd say because I was very close to the lights, I'd assume that they were no bigger than the lights on a car or aircraft.

Altitude: It would only be a little higher up than a roadside telegraph pole.

Object Origin: It was motionless but it was not absolutely stationary ie it was hovering.

Object Destination: It stayed in its position until I had driven out of sight.

Moon Visible: I Could not see that moon at all last night - it was an extremely dark, wet, cloudy and windy night.

Weather Temp: Mild, Windy.

Weather Comments: Cold, Cloudy, raining, windy.


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