UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Between Mornington and Frankston, Victoria

September 5th 2010

UFOINFO Sighting Report

Location: Between Mornington and Frankston, Victoria

Date: September 5th 2010

Time: 02:47 onwards

Number of witnesses: 7 plus others

Myself and several of my friends were leaving a friends house I walked out onto the porch which has a view of the bay and of the Frankston town this was at 2:47 am and there was a flash of light in the sky above the Frankston area it was green and had a center flash of light, several moments later at 2:49 am it happened again this time further away, this time I had however noticed it happens in the middle of the sky it's like a flashbomb seeing as the light comes really brightly from the centre and spreads out but not as bright as the lights center. However they were incredibly bright, I observed it again 4 times between 2:49 and 3:13 the last occurred at 3:13. All of which looked to be in a close vicinity to the Frankston shops area, at 3:27 I arrived at the Belvedere McDonalds and by that time there was heavy winds, strong rain and the McDonalds staff member informed my friends and I that they had had a power surge and systems were struggling to operate, I rang my friend who had left the house and saw the light at 2:47 the 1st one I saw he went to pick up his sister from Davies a night club right near the beach in Frankston and said he saw the light several times.

There was 7 witnesses within my group of friends and we all travelled to different directions the friend I rang informed me that it was happening frequently over the sky between Mornington and Frankston.

I wrote all of this down the second I got home to my house in Kananook as to not forget times and details of the lights, I'm wondering if u could provide me with any scientific logic behind these lights as nothing I have ever seen or heard of can even come close to what I saw it was soundless and faster than lightning.

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