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Lysterfield Park Lake, Victoria

October 3rd 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

03.10.10 LYSTERFIELD PARK LAKE (VIC) 13:11hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Martin
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 20-30 seconds
Occupation: Fire Fighter

Observation: Whilst watching airliners approach and enter a couple of cumulus clouds above and to the south of my position with my father-in-law, and my daughter, I noticed a brightly-reflective metallic object enters and exit a cloud-base from the left, halt suddenly just below and to the left of a particular cloud that an approaching airliner was about to enter. I tried to point this object out to the others, but they were looking at the wrong place. A passerby, a man with two children, stopped and confirmed he could see the object also, and agreed it was metallic and spheroid. As we watched, the object suddenly shot straight up, through the cloud and into the blue sky above it.

Description: Object did not change shape. Approach to stationary point was rapid, but not extreme. Object was stationary for approximately fifteen seconds, glinting very brightly with reflected sunlight, almost as if it was rotating on its axis. As the airliner entered the cloud above and behind it, it shot skywards, passing through the cloud and continuing vertically until lost to sight in the blue. Object's rate of ascent from a stationary position was shockingly extreme to this experienced observer of aircraft, and weather phenomena.

Location: On the dam wall of Lysterfield Park Lake, Lysterfield, east of Melbourne, looking towards the southern sky.

Other Witnesses: Man who confirmed my sighting was a passerby. I would be surprised if aircrew of passing airliner did not observe the object's passage, as it would have passed very close to them.

Actual Size: My visual references were the cloud-bases the object passed through, and the approaching airliner beyond and above the cumuli. Object appeared to be approximately the same size as the cockpit and nose-cone of the aircraft from our perspective.

Altitude: Just below the cloud-base of the cumulus. The approaching airliner, which was obviously descending for landing at Tullamarine Airport, was near the cloud's top.

Object Origin: Object appeared from the east ( my left ) passing through a couple of small isolated cumuli in an otherwise clear sky. Object stopped suddenly almost due south of observer's position.

Object Destination: Object went vertically from a stationary position, through the cloud, and continued upward until lost from sight in a few seconds.

Weather Visibility: Clear.

Weather Comments: small number of cumuli in an otherwise clear sky.


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