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The Ridgeway, Avoca Beach, New South Wales

October 17th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

17.10.10 THE RIDGEWAY, AVOCA BEACH (NSW) 20:00 & 21:30 hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Morrison
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 5 incidents same night, longest 3 to 4 minutes.
Occupation: Local business owner / operator (electrical technician)

Observation: While observing the Moon and some stars that were visible in the bright moonlit sky which, I first saw what I thought was a very very bright star in a place where there was not usually a star of this brightness (near Ophiucus constellation) Nth West in the sky. As I watched and alerted my friend, the "star" which appeared to be stationary went very bright and then dimmed for about 3-5 seconds before disappearing. Secondly, about 10 mins later, I saw another bright flash in the sky, with the same sort of brightness as the first "star". This time it was in the South West of the Sky near the constellation of Triangulum Australe. Once again, the object became very bright (brighter than Venus) and then faded before disappearing. This object was also stationary. Thirdly, I saw another straight up above us which I just caught before it faded. This object was not as bright as the first two, as I saw it as it was fading before disappearing. Also Stationary.

Yet again about 15 mins later I saw another flash to the Nth East which did the same as the first two, Brightening to be brighter than Venus and then fading over about 3-5 seconds and disappearing. It also appeared stationary.

Now after these were gone, Both, myself and a friend saw a very Bright moving object. It was not a plane, as we are very familiar with the flight paths over us, as we spend a lot of time with our scopes outside at night. We managed to track this thing with a 14 inch telescope moving it by hand, but couldn't see any more details due to the brightness. The telescope seemed to give the object a bit more size, but not much more definition. We tracked it for about 30 seconds. Each of us having a look at it through, the scope.

This object was first thought to be the Space Station as we have seen it many times before. As we watched it we realised it was moving much too slowly for the ISS Space Station. It moved across the sky from Sth West to East Nth East before disappearing possibly into the Earths Shadow to the East. This object was about the same brightness as all the other object seen earlier but this one was moving. It was moving too slow for a satellite of this brightness. We can see up to about 10-20 satellites per observing session but this was different. Basically, my understanding is as follows....The slow dim satellites are the ones that are far from Earth on and wide orbit. They move slow but are dim. The faster brighter ones are the ones that are closer to the earth, and they disappear into the Earths shadow quickly after sunset.

This moving object was both Bright and Slow, which seemed to go against the normal pattern of satellites.

After this sighting and observing session was over, I went to the internet to check the ISS Space Station movement as I have done many times before. There were No ISS passes over us at the time of the Sighting or any time that day at all.

I also tried to see if the flashes were what is known as Iridium satellites but couldn't find any info on them to tell me it that's what I saw. The iridium satellites I thought also moved as you watch them flash then fade, but the object I saw had no movement and appeared to be stationary.


First Flash sighted about 8-8.15 pm 17th Oct 2010. Last moving object seen about 9.30 pm 17th Oct 2010.

Actual Size: Hard to tell, but about twice the brightness of Venus at its Brightest.

Altitude: Upper atmosphere maybe as the moving object seemed to disappear into the Earth Shadow as a satellite would. I am assuming it was reflecting light instead of emanating light.

Object Origin: Sth West to East Nth East (moving object).

Object Destination: It disappeared into the eastern Sky.

Moon Visible: The Moon was past the first quarter and also was very bright. The Moon tended to brighten the sky so much it was difficult to see anything but mostly the bright stars. There was some light high altitude cloud around too.

Moon Size Comparison: Star sized objects much smaller than the Moon.

Planets Visible: Venus was visible earlier but went down behind some trees, and we couldn't see Venus at the time of the sightings. Weather Temp: Mild, Cloudy, Calm.

Weather Comments: Light High cloud

Viewing Aids: Yes....a 14 inch newtonian Telescope manually guided.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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