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Kempsay, New South Wales

November 5th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

05.11.10 KEMPSAY (NSW) 01:15hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Scott B
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 20-25 seconds
Occupation: Student.

Observation: I Had been doing some uni work, and I just ducked outside for a bit of a break and star gaze (common habit). Bit of fresh air to clear my head. It was overcast..... light drizzle on and off... Been outside for about five minutes and I was looking up almost directly above into the sky (80 degrees overhead) when I saw a group of lights (estimation of 8-10 lights) in a half boomerang formation goes by in a north-westerly direction. Overall the combined area taken up by the light formation were 4-5 full moons across. Each light, however, was about one-quarter diameter of the full moon. They were above semi-transparent clouds so this took a lot of their brightness out. Then as they drifted into a denser cloud formation and were almost out of sight a single ball of light came by in the opposite direction travelling south-east at the same altitude. This single light was travelling at a quicker speed than the main body but all lights were travelling at a good clip but long enough to get a decent view.

Sighting probably lasted 20-25 seconds. I can't believe it, I've spent so many hours in that backyard stargazing and saw nothing anomalous bar a few strange satellites. I wasn't even looking for UFOs. This was the real deal I have no doubt. My mind was attempting to rationalise as I was viewing it.... lights reflecting off clouds.... NO. Autokinesis... definitely NOT as I'm well familiar with that phenomena. These things were the real deal. There was a clear patch on the south-western horizon but they stayed above the patchy overcast part of the sky. I got the feeling that because it was overcast they were travelling around more freely then they otherwise would. Just a feeling.

Description: The single light moved in the exact opposite direction at a quicker speed. It disappeared or obscured by denser cloud in the south-east. All lights were about a quarter diameter of a full moon. Location: Kempsey, NSW.

Apparent Size Other: All lights were circular and around a quarter-diameter of the full moon.

Actual Size: I think the main group of lights was attached to a single object.

Altitude: Really hard to say. Above a low cloud layer - 500 metres and above. But very hard to say. My gut instinct tells me they were between helicopter altitude and aircraft altitude - E.g., between 1-10km altitude. I believe the formation of lights on the main body was a single object of substantial size.

Object Origin: I observed it almost directly overhead travelling in a north-westerly direction.

The single light moved in an exact opposite direction (south-east).

Object Destination: Main object -north-west   single light - south-east.

Moon Visible: no moon visible - overcast conditions.

Moon Size Comparison: main body of lights collectively took about 4-5 moons of space up. But it was in a half boomerang (that is if you cut a boomerang in half) formation.

Planets Visible: No

Weather Sky: Cloudy.

Weather Comments: Overcast with intermittent drizzle. Objects observed through thin layers of cloud.


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