UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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New England Highway, Murrurndi, New South Wales

November 13th 2010

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. Julie B +Stuart + Shania + Cody + friend.
Number of witnesses present: 4
Sighting Duration: 10 minutes.
Occupation: Home duties.

Observation: At approximately 9:30 pm Australian time while feeding our horses at a show ground my family, and I was drawn to the attention of strange lights in the sky in the south across the highway, moving slowly in some sort of group. We watched in amazement, discounting that It could be a Plane or Helichopter, and we could even just notice the mountain ranges in the skyline, and these lights were far too high to be a tower, etc.

When we realised that this was out of the ordinary, I ran for my digital camera, which was over my saddle horn as I had been videoing the event at the show ground right before this. This would have been 50m there and back. I turned my camera on and went on to record what was happening. These strange lights had moved around since we had first noticed them, there was around 6 of them.

I was disappointed as I thought the camera was not picking any of this up as I looked through at the sky, so after recording for 36sec, which seemed like forever I gave up and turned it off and just watched with amazement. Still they seemed to be only moving slowly now back and forth but a couple or so always seemed to be closer, bigger or brighter. They were different colours, some star like coloured, some more orange, etc. The stars were not near these lights, and the lights were larger also. It was clear in the south where the lights were but about an hour or so before it had been lightly clouded with slight sprinkling of rain in the north. I am assuming the moon would have been to the north at this time I don't remember.

We had a presentation to attend, and so we had to walk away, and that was that. We didn't tell anyone there except my son's friend who also watched, we were camped pretty much away from the others, and as we didn't think we had captured footage didn't think much more till we got home, and I loaded images and videos off my camera to my computer.

I was shocked that I had actually captured some on camera, I was very excited about this and on pausing the video at different times we were completely amazed at the detail. I have the original still on my digital camera, I didn't want to delete it until I speak with someone, But I managed to work out how to capture photos from the video and was even more convinced.

On leaving that town early the next day I saw no tower or anything else it may have been. I would really like to speak to someone and have the footage analyzed and anything that may be explainable ruled out.

Description: yes...Changes in shape and size, I figure due to some being larger or closer??? Also were different colours. Also they changed positions a few times from when we first noticed them to when we had to go.

Location: Murrurundi Showground NSW looking up across the highway roughly to the south.

Other Witnesses: Stuart, Shania and Cody, also one of Cody's friends in which at this stage I will not be getting involved.

Apparent Size: Pea-Sized

Apparent Size Other: pea and star sized, they were all different.

Actual Size: have no idea but big?? Altitude: if I knew how high the murrurundi/liverpool ranges were, well at least twice as high as that actual part.

Object Origin: approximately south, straight across the road from the show ground.

Object Destination: objects were still moving around when we had to leave.

Moon Visible: the sky was clear to the south, but cloudy to the north area the moon may have been.

Moon Size Comparison: smaller ones were larger than star size and others were larger.

Planets Visible: yes...but the stars were higher and the right.

Weather Visibility: Clear, Pleasant, Calm.

Weather Comments: It was clear where the objects were but a little cloudy behind us, it had a light sprinkling an hour or so before.

Viewing Aids: through eyes and filmed.

Under Investigation


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