UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Ocean Grove, Victoria

February 24th 2013

Location: Ocean Grove, Victoria

Date: February 24th 2013

Time: 2:45am

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Plate shaped

Weather Conditions: Foggy

Hi there,

I was going off to bed at 2:45am this morning Feb 24 2013 when I felt the urge to take a quick peek outside. Well my god... i saw this bright light flashing that showed pulses of blue, green and red, so I decided to go wake my 18yr old daughter up to come take a look.

We observed from the top story bedroom window and both agreed it was some kind of UFO. I prompted her to grab the binoculars and to both our amazement we saw what the lights were!

It was a MASSIVE plate shaped spaceship with coloured lights from what we could see, all around it, pulsating continuously. The underneath part didn't appear to have many lights, just the surrounding edge and maybe the top. It tilted sideways, upwards, downwards and on angles for well over an hour.

We then saw ANOTHER ONE! This one swept through the sky quite fast compared to the coloured one that lingered for hours. The red space craft had only red lights ALL around it and looked much like a jellyfish without tentacles as it zoomed towards the direction of the moon. It then went out of sight.

Just this week we recently had 4 major trees cut down across the road, which as opened up our view of the sky immensely. I am now looking into purchasing a telescope so that hopefully I am able to get some shots if it returns again, which I feel it just may do.

I do not drink alcohol or take any drugs of any description. I do not have ANY mental illnesses. I KNOW what I saw. It was a spacecraft. Not one ounce of doubt in my mind.

I wanted to tell someone who may believe me, as most people's minds are very closed to this phenomenon. I actually was unsure myself about UFO's until this morning. Now I am totally convinced they DO exist, and am starting to research aliens now.

Thank you for your time to read this email. I hope other people saw this too.

Kind Regards,

[Name deleted]
Ocean Grove, Vic

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