UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Ocean Grove, Victoria

February 27th 2013

Location: Ocean Grove, Victoria

Date: February 27th 2013

Time: 1:47am - 2:38am

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 7

Weather Conditions: Foggy

Hi John,

I saw more of them early this morning, Feb 27 at 1:47am - 2:38am. There were 7 that I could count. Extremely foggy night. They all started to ascend around 2:30am. These ones were closer to ground level, one in particular very close to ground level from what I could make out. I have attached some 'sketchy' sketches from both sightings.I will endeavour to draw some with color and send to you. The ones I saw this morning were from what I saw, the same as the really large one from Sunday morning, although much smaller (still big enough though!). I could see a row of green lights on the outer rim with a red light pulsating here and there in-between the green ones.

Unfortunately I don't have a cam that can zoom in enough to be able to see what I can see through the binoculars. I have views overlooking Geelong and on the other side the ocean which you can see as far as I believe Torquay, if not further. I have a feeling they will be around quite a bit, but for how long I don't know. I read up yesterday that Feb and March are good months for sightings somewhere. I didn't see anything in-between sun and this morning as I went to bed much earlier. I will keep a look out whenever I do go to bed extremely late, which is not often, and report any further sightings.

Oh, and the small circles on my drawings represent the row of light, and the lines represent light emanating from the craft.

Kind Regards

Sketch of sightings

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