UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Brighton Le Sands, Sydney, New South Wales

September 2013

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Brighton Le Sands sydney NSW Australia

Date: 2013/14

Time: 1100,1700, 0230

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Spherical /disc

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Crystal clear, no clouds

Description: I have witnessed silver orbs on at least 10 occasions, from my house in Brighton, 5 of those have been co-witnessed by my wife (twice), once with my wife and neighbor (a high school teacher) together - and once each with two of my (adult ) kids. Unfortunately none of them have seen these UFO's move as I have.

That's what is phenomenal about these objects. SPEED My very first was the most surprising. One crystal clear September 2013 morning about 1100 I was looking at the sky to the East (Botany Bay ), thinking I had never seen Sydney so clear, when I noticed a silvery round object just sitting, dead still. I estimated it was at least 45,000/50,000 feet but probably a lot higher, and possibly 10's of miles out to sea (I have observed planes at altitude all day long for the 15 years I have lived near the airport). I watched it intently for approx' 7 minutes, running through my mind what it might be. it was obviously metallic - reflecting flashes of sunlight so I could discount planets and stars.

Then to my amazement this thing went from A to B - about one meter of airspace (10 miles ?) --- IN A NANOSECOND. I mean NO acceleration - NO deceleration -just whack, to a DEAD STOP. That is what got me - I was incredulous, how could any human pilot survive such incredible speed - maybe thousands of mph and survive a dead stop. Insane inertia. It didn't disappear and re-materialize at point B, I watched it travel along the line between the two points from A to B. Then I instantly knew it wasn't a satellite or a plane and it certainly wasn't a chopper at that height. It had to be unmanned - possibly a drone but I have checked them out and they don't have that sort of propulsion system -not the speed of lightening.

After about 3 minutes it slowly drifted to the east and up into the higher atmosphere until I lost it. 2 days later I saw it again. This time it drifted in from the N/E but this time seemed to be closer, maybe 40,000 feet, it was another clear sky, approx' 1730. It stopped and once again sat dead still for 7/8 minutes. But this time the metallic UFO looked more disc- shaped and the bright afternoon sun was giving off some incredible flashes of light as it appeared to be spinning at a high rate. I wondered if this was an optical illusion of spinning rotor blades on top but I was sure that it was the bottom half turning. ( primarily because a dark shape like a black window flashed around at the same point every millisecond).

THEN, all of a sudden, it too shot off at an incredible speed, straight up into space and was gone. Like a flash out of a cannon. Then I realized these things weren't small, I mean a plane at cruising altitude doesn't look much bigger than these ufo's. My guesstimate was that they could have been at least half as big as a passenger plane. I was left wondering if military secret technology had developed some sort of anti gravity pod inside the craft which left a human unaffected by the extreme inertia forces.

The third sighting was approx' 0230, a week later, I was out the back having a cigarette and was looking at a star system of 4 stars in a rectangular shape. Then, still to my amazement, the bottom right side ' star ' started to drift down directly from it's position - approx' a few inches , then slowly started to turn from right to left -- when it did a parabolic manouveur and shot up into deeper space - at that same insane speed of light. I have seen these UFO's move 3 times now and it is so exhilarating. So I am left with 2 options - us or them.

Previously I thought yes we probably have back- engineered but we weren't that advanced in using the technology . But I also know that ' they ' have secretly stolen and poured literally trillions of dollars of public money and the most sophisticated super computers and scientific intellect into this. Maybe it is a combination of us and them, I am not sure . What I do know is that while we drive dinosaur combustion engines and companies reap 100s of billions of dollars a year in petro - dollars - SOMEONE can travel like we never knew existed.

Question now is 'have our govt's and their masters the influence, the wealth and the goal of peppering our rewritten history, altered artwork, forged ancient manuscripts and perpetuated the UFO myth by denying us ' disclosure' to support the evidence of UFO's so that we face the ultimate FALSE FLAG of alien invasion OR are the extraterrestrials really just on the increase checking out our development. Time will tell. Try not to be fooled kids-- good luck. PS I DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL, I am not hallucinating and I stand by every word of my statement to you all in genuine honesty, thanx.

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