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Wandoan & Wooleebe, Queensland : November 27th 2013

Auckland : Summer 2006

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Location: Wandoan, Queensland, Australia (& Wooleebe)

Date: 11/27/2013

Time: 8pm

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 8

Shape of objects: Perfectly symmetrical circular brightest white globe, with 7-8 globes slightly smaller in size following it. The last two globes were slightly off to either side... it was flying straight, looked in control and the smaller globes were definitely following the larger globe.

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear, warm, night, no cloud cover, all the stars shining bright in the distance. This thing was very very low and we could see its outline perfectly.

Description: It came from the Wooleebe direction (where 10 of my colleagues also viewed it) and flew directly over the camp I was staying in, at Wandoan (Windmill Camp). It flew low, deliberately and slow (for a UFO I guess - I've seen these balls of light before but in the UK and they covered one side of the sky to the other in 2-3 seconds). The ones I saw in the UK were intense red and the same intense white of this one; and perfect globe shapes.

It took about 20 seconds in the distance to reach us. It was NOT falling, contrary to the many people who informed us we saw a meteor. There was no tail, no burning colours and it looked to me as if it had a lead 'vehicle'. Myself and our camp emergency nurse saw it, it flew right over our heads and she has a scientific mind and the only conclusion both of us could come to, was it was not from Earth. It was incredibly peaceful, beautiful and an experience I would want to have again. Whilst we had phones etc on us, we were so shocked/amazed that all we could do was stand there with mouths open whilst watching it. Amazingly, only 1 min before we first saw it, the area we were sitting in was full of people. They all went inside for dinner and it was only the two of us outside.

We told everyone and about a week later was speaking to a young cleaner from Wooleebe and she said she too had seen it, exactly what we saw, along with another 9 of her colleagues. I drew her a picture of what I saw and she said YES, that's it... even down to the last two globes being slightly off to the left and right. It flew off in the direction of Chinchilla but as it passed over our camp, mysteriously, the lights flashed off.

Summer 2006 : Auckland

Also, you may find this interesting... most people doubt me but I and God know what I saw and what I was thinking. Around 2006 in Auckland, summer, I was standing outside and having a fag, looking at the stars and I thought, ooO(I wonder if there really is life out there) whilst staring at the two brightest stars in the sky (probably Venus and something else) and BOOM, just as I thought that, in between these two stars appeared a hexagonal (6 sided) shape bright white intense shape with a hexagonal shape in dense black cut out of the centre. The dense black was blacker and way denser than the colour of the sky which was iridescent. It stayed for around 3 seconds, then just went.

I don't know why I keep asking that question looking at the stars as that isn't the first time its happened, but it was the first time I saw a hexagonal shaped 'craft'.

I am a believer.

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