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Merrylands, New South Wales

December 19th 2013

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Merrylands NSW Australia

Date: 12/19/2013

Time: From 8pm until late

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Round

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear night, no clouds, no stars

Description: I just happened to be looking out of the window inside my house, from the upstairs living room and noticed a cluster of stars in the night sky in far distance. In split seconds, cluster became closer and the lights moved in unison and in a circular fashion.

I thought that was strange and moved closer to the window and can definitely see the lights from the cluster were all equally distanced, and the motion of the movement was more of a hovering fashion. I strained my eyes but can clearly see that it was actually a round object even thought it was a dark circular object, definitely not a plane there were no blinking lights whatsoever.

I then grabbed my camera and tried to shoot a video. The object as it appears from the camera screen showed that the object is moving erratically all over the screen but when I look back at the sky with my naked eye it is looking as hovering very slowly but fast in the camera. It looks like a bright circular light, but usually the camera is quite good and as the object is quite high up in the sky the image looks more like a bright circular light.

It hovered more or less in the same area from 8pm until 11.30 pm as I watched it all through the whole time from the same window with my neck straining but I made sure my hands were steady. As the one object that I have been staring at moved over above the house, I did noticed that there is also a 2nd bright cluster on the far left side but although further, the cluster (as in stars) was brighter and more larger and stayed in the one place in the sky without any movement.

I then started staring at it, as the first object was already out of sight I began to notice that the lights of the 2nd cluster were the same - looks like same pattern, same distanced lights and that was when I realised it was a 2nd circular object that stayed put and not hovering - it was just perfectly stable and that's when I noticed that a little bright light spec went out of it in the other far distance then this light hovered it that direction. I started thinking, that it was bigger as it was like a mother ship (?).

Tonight, the night after yesterday's events, again I checked at 8pm that the same circular object was back in the same spot in the night sky. There were a few difference. The bright spec of light was near it in my view and this was shaped like a long white light. It is hovering up high blending in with the dark sky around it. The other difference is that near the same circular object were 6 other disc shapes then they all just disappeared. It seems that perhaps these have been around during clear nights hovering in the same space in the sky near my house but are very high, never really coming near people's view.

Right now, all objects are gone by 10.45 pm however there is a massive moon projecting bright light in the same space so it would be obvious that they went away. I'm not crazy, my brother have been looking at them too. My enlarged pictures clearly shows circular object with definite designs and lights = these appears to be tangible objects that no one are noticing because no one really stares in the sky at night. I really believe these objects are not behaving in a normal human behaviour, I just never thought these would just show up outside my house in the middle of suburbia at night camouflaged by the dark sky , that these really do exists around us.

December 21st:

UFO's have been in the night skies every night since noticing them, their patterned lights are now being noticed by my other neighbours and friends.

Tonight I can clearly see 3 flying objects right outside my window. When I'm taking videos, these objects appear more like light, and when I zoom in within the video the lights become unclear round lights, However when I take pictures, it can actually capture images and can zoom in. There are also about 2 planes flying all over the vicinity of these objects.

UFOINFO Note: The witness sent several photos in but some were taken through a closed window resulting in some reflection and all have a slow exposure resulting in some blur/movement. Those below are probably the clearest.

Enlarged and cropped section of photo below

Enlarged and cropped section of photo below

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