UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Brighton Le Sands, Sydney, New South Wales

January 11th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Brighton Le Sands Sydney NSW Australia

Date: 11/01 2014 and various times 2013

Time: 18:10

Number of witnesses: 0 (other than the witness) on this sighting witnesses at other sightings

Number of objects: 4

Shape of objects: 2 spinning S's, one rectangle, one V ( delta) shape

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Good light , no cloud, gusty breeze

Description: I was standing in my backyard when I heard the Asian minor birds going beserk at something coming close to their tree. I looked up and some very dark shapes caught my eye at approx' 60 /70 meters away and approx' 20 meters altitude to my left coming from the N/NE ( Syd airport). I immediately chuckled to myself that someones foam sign letters had blown away as I could clearly see two open-ended S's, a flattened V (delta) shape and a long rectangular I.

They were mat jet- black and they looked lighter than air, like foam, as they tumbled in the wind towards me. At first these letters seemed to be randomly blowing in the gusty wind but approx' 50 meters away they clearly fell into and formed a formation, with the two spinning S's virtually parallel with each-other in front and the V on the left and the rectangle on the right following the two S's about 2 to 4 meters behind (which varied to a minor degree at various points).

So I was able to observe the 4 shapes for 50 odd meters at which point they were directly over my head. I estimated their speed was about 12/15 kph. I estimated the S's were approx' 1/1.5 meters in diameter, both the same size and approx' 75/ 100 mls wide and approx' 50/75 mls deep. They appeared to be solid with closed ends and THEY WERE SPINNING - clockwise - at a regular 1.5 seconds per revolution. They were not enclosed in any framework but were open ended as I said and it seemed as if the spin-rate would determine the speed.

The V was a 'lazy' V , approx' 1.5 meters wide at the tail tips and approx' 50/60 ml deep, with no curved surface, only sharp flat surfaces. The rectangle I was approx' 2/2.5 meters long and approx' 80/100 ml wide and deep (looked like a metal down-pipe). All 4 objects were smooth, with sharp edges, clean lined. I saw most surfaces of each object. What was extremely obvious and baffling was that NONE of these objects had any propellars, no antennae, no probes, no wires, no protruberances of any kind - no fins or contours in the surfaces.

They emitted no sound and I could not see any evidence of heat ripple off the trailing edge. (The birds strangely shot off when the 4 objects came into formation which is unusual because they always harass everything -forever and I didn't hear another peep out of them). The shapes traveled in a straight line to the S/W after negotiating their way around and over my other 30 meter high gumtree which they somehow did effortlessly. They then steadily gained altitude up and out to the S/W until I couldn't see them anymore.

I saw the spinning S's complete at least 8 revolutions by the time they got directly above me and they were incredible, mesmerising in fact but I had time to keep looking behind at the rectangular block to wonder if it or the S's could have had propellars inside them to suck air in possibly to propel them but I couldn't get past that they seemed solid, closed off, at the ends ( but that could have been an illusion because of the constant mat black). There were no other craft in the sky at the time.

Even to my sheeple eyes these CRAFT had a genius of simplicity to them, they were geometrical perfection, they were very very sophisticated and they were definitely under guidance and control. Now I wouldn't have written in here if I had been able to find ANYTHING even remotely similar to what I witnessed relating to remote controlled hobby planes or gliders or toys or drones (military or private), or weather probes or rich boys toys or even futuristic concept craft - nothing - although I did see a foam delta wing remote control but it propellars.

I even rang a professor at a uni (mechatronics, unmanned aerial vehicles -UAV - and aerodynamics dept ) and he had never seen or heard of anything like it - although he did automatically damn the military for putting this stuff on flight paths over our heads! So can anyone enlighten me please. I read about the possibility of laser -controlled drones but these letter shapes seemed as if they run on a very different energy field, maybe that's what freaked the birds out. Thanx PS I don't drink and I will stand by every observation as truthful and genuine.

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