UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Mundoona, Victoria

March 18th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Mundoona Victoria Australia 3635

Date: 18th March 2014

Time: 9:30pm

Number of witnesses: 1 Just me

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: Long thin black pole like objects approximately 10m long each flying in formation

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Full Moon on Eastern Sky, Extremely calm no breeze at all. Mild temp. Very bright night

Description: I was sitting at front doorstep when I heard one of my ducks screaming as if it was being eaten alive. All other birds started making funny noises. I have a lot of Guinea Fowl and they were chattering loudly as if there was a fox present. My 4 dogs ran outside and started barking, one of them standing on the front lawn looking up into the air. Then all of a sudden I heard a "wooshing" noise and a high pitched scraping/screaming/grinding noise accompanied by 3 large unidentified lines in the air.

I have never heard a noise like it, it was almost blood curdling. The only way I can describe the objects is as if there were 3 black telephone poles flying horizontally through the air. The objects flew very slowly over my roof (10k/h) about 30ft from the ground heading north in an upwards direction and then disappeared.

I did not here a lead up to the noise, like as if it was far away and getting closer. It was as if the objects were behind the house somewhere and then just took off. A cow in the next paddock then started making a strange sound. Then I heard one of my ducks way over in a distant paddock.

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