UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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South Coast New South Wales

May 29th 2014

UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: South Coast NSW

Time: Around 2:30

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 2

Shape of objects: Unsure. See description

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Clear, still, no moon, shooting stars

Description: Sorry this is quite long, I've tried to shorten it as much as possible!!

My friend and I were watching the stars over the mountains. We did notice lots of shooting stars and the sky seemed especially active.

While sky watching we noticed a small, non offensive light in the distance that seemed to get larger and smokier in it's effect over a few minutes... Similar to that of a fog/ cloud close to the ground. We thought it was a bit odd but didn't pay it too much attention.

All of a sudden as we notice it change colour, the stars behind it seemed to turn blue and the hazy fog was over the top of us, covering us in some kind of misty mother of pearl hue. You could see through this haze.

At exactly the same time this smokey hue enveloped us, an incredibly loud thumping sound could be heard... A beating noise, similar to the sound of helicopter blades slicing through the air. The entire sound was on top of us, pulsating through my body it was so loud. I was terrified by this point, shaking and couldn't move.

At the same time as all of this we noticed on the opposite side of the valley/ mountain range, an incredibly bright white light. Similar to that of a spotlight but much bigger, shining/ searching though the bush and trees. It seemed to be looking for something. It had vivid blue, green and red lights flashing closely around it, but the main light was white. It seemed fairly low to the ground, beaming through the trees and would have been able to see about 100 metres in front of itself. It's movement seemed very mechanical and digital, going into the valleys and over the ridges at a constant, reasonably fast speed... Though not as fast as you hear of many ufos in the sky... Nothing like that.

I think it would have covered about 5-10 kilometres in about 1-2 minutes.

It seemed to be aware of us but kept being 'busy' searching for whatever it was there for. It sounded very mechanical and the sound it emanated was intoxicating, exactly like the electrical thudding pulse of a helicopter's rudders. It seemed very methodical in the way it was scanning the terrain, almost in a grid like fashion.

After what must have been a 1-2 minutes (though felt like much longer) it had arrived on the hill right opposite us (on the same level), over on the other side of the valley. It shone it's beam directly on us. I could see it on my hand/ stomach.

I was still completely terrified within every inch of my body. Whatever this was over on opposite hill seemed very ominous.

Despite our fear, we somehow managed to made a run for the house, which wasn't too far away. The beam from the light source shone through the place we had been standing, passed the house, then seemed to lose interest and changed direction again.

For the first half of this experience I kept trying to rationalise what we were seeing but there was just no rational explanation. Nothing I could come up with could explain what we were seeing, hearing and feeling.

I was shaking for the next hour afterward. Inside, we could still hear the noise but were too scared to look out the windows (all the curtains were drawn).

An hour later we went back outside. It seemed safe for some reason. There still seemed to be some kind of light activity happening in the mountains where the vivid light was active. Almost like it was sparkling. After about 5-10 more minutes, those red and blue flickers/ sparkles disappeared. A white beam (much fainter this time) left the mountain range (still following the terrain) and suddenly lots of dogs started howling and barking simultaneously from kilometres away... By that stage it was around 3:30. There was no more activity after that.

I never thought I would ever see a UFO and have always tried to find logical explanations for these things. But nothing can explain it any of it. I also never would have thought I would be so scared seeing such a thing, but I will never forget that feeling.

I should also mention there are no roads that lead through those mountains. There are 2 that are dead ends, therefore no vehicle could have driven though expansive mountain range at constant speed. They would have had to drive though fenced paddocks etc, so no chance. We went for a drive the next day to check and couldn't find a thing.

It is a fairly remote area, though there are other homes dotted around the valley.

It sounds like the craziest story and I still cannot believe that it happened to us.

Update June 20th 2014:

Hi John,

I just thought I'd clarify a couple of things in my original sighting report as initially I found it very difficult to put something that was so surreal into words.

Just before we saw the bright light scanning the valley, we saw it 'line up' while it was stationary, before it began it's journey through the valley. The bright white light was at the front, then blue and red lights lining up behind it. Once it started moving, all of the coloured lights joined together, hovering very close to the white spotlight.
When I say the extremely vivid bright light across the valley was moving in a 'grid like fashion', I not only mean that it seemed to be scanning every inch of the terrain, but moved in abrupt 90 and 180 degree turns/ angles, without slowing down... So it maintained the same speed during these turns.

The other thing I'd mention is that the other 'light' or haze that came over the top of us, also had some kind of source from higher above. I had seen this, although my friend was too fixated on the blindingly bright light over the valley to look up, like I did. Almost directly above us, through the hue, I saw what can only be described as lazer lights of red, yellow and green, criss crossing over each other, like a hatching effect. These beams also split through the foggy haze to the ground, but were much stronger further up. Further above, these hatched lazers formed 3 rhombus shapes that overlapped each other. It makes me wonder if this 'craft' was something of a larger ship that the other brighter light came from, as just before the maelstrom of gut wrenching sounds and lights, we noticed the 'foggy' light in the distance split up, which is when all the craziness began. This makes me now realise that the 'non offensive, spooky light' that we originally saw in the distance, was gradually this craft getting closer until it was over the top of us.

I was far to confused by all the lights and noise to try and make out a solid craft shape about us though. It was a dark night and it must have been too dark of an object to see, except for the lights beaming from it. I estimate that this haze and lazer light mix from this craft would have only been about 20 metres away from us. -Too close for me!

The last thing I'll say is that my friend and I were having quite the lively chat whilst watching the stars before it all unfolded. While it happened, neither of us said a single word to each other as we were totally terrified. It wasn't until I forced us to run inside that we compared what we saw, which was the same thing.

To be honest, the experience had given me terrible anxiety for weeks afterwards as it has made me question everything I know as an individual, which is extremely confronting. I've always been a healthy skeptic, but seeing this was terrifying. Initially we were rationalising what we were seeing until there was just nothing else we could think of that could explain it.

Perhaps if we hadn't of been so close to it all, it would have been exciting, rather than terrifying. At its closest point, the bright, ominous light would have only been between 500-800 metres away from us.

I have been trying to draw it, so if it helps make my statement easier to understand, I'll send it though.

PS we spoke to a neighbour who lives further down in the valley who said they had heard a deep oscillating noise at the same time that night. They live in a more enclosed area though and so didn't see any lights... Plus they were in bed. I'm not sure if the bright light went as far as their place as we had run inside by that point anyway.

Sorry this is quite long again! But I do think it is important to be as detailed as possible.

UFOINFO Note: This update was originally sent to me on June 4th and I somehow overlooked it, so I am grateful to the witness for sending it to me again.

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