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Kogarah, New South Wales : 1955

Bankstown/Sydney Point, New South Wales : October/November 1965

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1800 Hotline Callin 5133 QLD
Date: -.10.05
Time: ? pm
Caller: Bob
Place: QLD
Ph: 07-55

Followup 1800 Hotline Callin 5133 NSW
Date: ca.1955 & Oct-Nov 1965
Time: -
Caller: Bob
Place: Kogarah, NSW & Sydney (bet. Bankstown & Picnic Point), NSW
Investigator: Robert Frola

Bob, a 58 year old, living in the Gold Coast, related a couple of experiences that he had when living in NSW

1955 : Kogarah, New South Wales

Account No.1: ca 1955 Kogarah, NSW
While walking to school (Marrs Brothers College) he saw a long scrap-metal looking cylindrical object. He described it as around 10-15 feet long and about 4 foot wide. It travelled at running pace, not very high above the ground. This sighting occurred between two buildings and when he emerged, the object had vanished. To this day, he is unsure whether he had witnessed this object or just a part of his young fertile imagination.

October/November 1965 : Between Bankstown and Sydney Point, New South Wales

Account No.2: Sydney (bet. Bankstown & Picnic Point), NSW
Bob recalled that it was a warm clear night, around October-November 1969. He was coming home from college (he was studying to be a metal worker) when he saw a cigar-shaped object heading in a southern direction. The object was changing colours, from red to white to green to white etc. The object emitted no noise. the object was under 55 degrees elevation, travelling in a due west to east direction for nine seconds, changed shape to more like the appearance of a white dot, and then travelled due south at a rapid rate of knots (like a jet) for around a second when the object was over an Electrical Substation at Picnic Point. At this point Bob was about two to three miles south of this Substation. When this object disappeared, he describe the movement as four times faster than when the object was heading east.

Conclusion: Unknown.

Robert Frola
Editor The Australasian UFOlogist Magazine
Co Editor Hard Evidence Magazine


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