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Georges River, Oyster Bay, New South Wales


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Location: Georges River, Oyster Bay, New South Wales

Date: 1955

I'm writing this email for my father.
Do you have any reports

I lived on the Georges River in a boathouse. It was Wards Crescent, which was the closest little village was Oyster Bay. Georges River. Oyster Bay. Which the nearest big town at that time was Como, which is not far from Sydney. I think, 1955.

I was seven or eight years old. Eight I think. I heard this noise and I walked out on the veranda of the boathouse and a football, a rugby football-shaped metal flying object went directly over head, fairly slowly. Maybe 100 mph or something, with some sort of loud engine noise like a jet perhaps, and flew directly over my house and across the Georges River.

I didn't think much of it at the time. But the next day, a young friend visited me and asked if I had seen the flying saucer, and I realized then that's what he was talking about. I never followed up on it, but I wonder now if there were any reports in the newspaper and I wonder if it might have been the Vampire Jet, which had a fuselage similar to what I saw. It was maybe 15 feet long, maybe. Seven or eight feet in diameter. That's all I can tell you.

Were there any newspaper accounts or did this receive any publicity or mention at the time? Many people must have seen it. There weren't many jets at the time, and this thing wasn't very high - maybe a couple hundred feet. I think there were Vampire Jets then. If there weren't, well, I saw something that didn't exist!

Anything you could tell us would be great. You can email us at this address, or feel free to call my father.

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