UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Biloela, Queensland

September 1963

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

UFO Sighting 1963 SEPTEMBER late - Biloela (QLD)
Time just before midnight.
Source: Generated by newspaper article.
Witness: Mrs. Margie x
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 minutes or more.
Occupation: caretaker of farm.

Report taken by Diane AUFORN

We were living in a farm house just outside Biloela in QLd my husband worked on the Callide power station we lived in a farmhouse we were caretakers for the owner. We didn't have any water or electricity. This night I was in the kitchen by myself it was late september I don't remember the date. I went to get some water I washed my feet in the warm water and I went outside on the veranda, we had a kitchen veranda then and two bedrooms it was an old farm house. When I went outside I seen this big huge doom thing it was about 3 storeys high it was like metallic material it looked like it, it was a bright orange. It looked like a big cruse ship a mother-ship sorta thing. It had like shutter windows around it. It was sitting on a big like saucer like thing underneath the doom the saucer had these white and blue lights underneath it. It was siting on the ground when I first saw it, it was in our backyard, the house was in one yard the chicken coup was just behind that and through a door through the coup was another yard it was behind the chicken coup, it was around 300 yards away from the house.

The object was sitting on the ground then it went up it hovered. When I first went out with the dish water I was going to throw it, it gave me the biggest shock. I had a feeling there was something around but I didn't know what. It was moonless night usually we have 3 dogs there around for the cows we normally have dingos around but there was no sound the dingos didn't make a sound and neither did the chickens everything seemed to be asleep nothing moved.

Diane: So the object didn't stir the dogs or chickens.

No they all disappeared, not a sound love. I tossed the water away and I stood there and watch it. It went up and hovered just above the ground.

The object left a round ring on the grass I mean crop of sorghum. I went in to wake my husband up and then I lost sight of it. When I couldn't wake him up I went back to look at it but it was gone with no noise or anything........ just gone.

The next day I told the farmer about it so my husband and the farmer went up to measure the ring, apparently there was a big burnt patch it was 300 meters wide on the bottom.

The object was huge, I wasn't petrified I was just stunned, I was very sorry I went in to wake my husband because when I came back it was gone. No one else would have seen it because we were isolated out there.

Artistic impression of UFO on Biloela farm. Copyright AUFORN


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