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Melbourne School Grounds, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia : 1964

Gisborne, North Island, New Zealand : 1980

Melbourne School Grounds, Melbourne Victoria Australia Strange Visitors

Date: 1964
Time: 12:30 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 300
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: Metallic saucer x3

Full Description of event/sighting: I was a student at a catholic school in Melbourne, Australia. On this day we were used to cleaning up the school yard in silence. Before a bell sounded and only then, could we continue our lunch recess. During the silence period all of 300 school kids were doing the usual, collecting of rubbish etc. when the kid next to me says look at those. I looked up and saw 3 disks in tripod formation and stationary above us, directly above us. It was a clear cloudless day. From light blue to a very deep darkish blue 2nd sighting, close encounter. Visibility was excellent. The estimated height was about 6,000 to 10 ,000.feet. The UFO in the front of the formation moved to a 45 degree angle, still stationary and took off at such a speed you saw it for a nano second.

Twenty seconds later it came back at a massive speed and stopped in it's original position. The back two UFOs maneuvered the exact same maneuver and took off, then returning and pulling up at their original positions. The sun was intensifying the metallic structure of these craft. Then they all moved into a single file, as maneuvering one on top of the other then returned back to their positions, stationary. What a show of formation movement. Then they all took off north, south and west and were gone. As you can imagine the whole school was a buzz with excitement. We were told to line up in our respective class lines and returned to our class rooms, our lunch period cut short. Later that afternoon we were told they were weather balloons and there was a ban on talking about what we saw.

1980 : Gisborne, North Island, New Zealand

Date: 1980
Time: 3:00pm

There was no mention in the media or papers about this incident/sighting. Second sighting of a close encounter. An unusual family walking down country road in New Zealand, year 1980. This took place in Gisborne North Island. The time of the encounter was 3:00pm in the afternoon and was observed by my wife and I. We lived on property just outside of town and we were walking back along the country road, returning from a shop where we bought some ice-cream. There were no other persons or cars on road. Suddenly up ahead of us at a distance of 200 meters was a family, two adults and two children. Nothing unusual you may be thinking. They were walking toward us on the same side of the road. The first strange moment I noticed was they were walking all in line abreast of each other, in perfect timing in their walk and body movements and looking straight ahead at us. You would expect kids to walk ahead, kick some stones and act like kids. Not this family. It was odd behavior walking as in a military fashion and all in sync. Then I noticed their dress, all of them had a mixed match of world cultural garments on.

The oldest male had a South American like shawl and what looked like Peruivan shoes, and a strange hat like a cashmere cap. This was how they were all dressed, dressed in a collage of international clothing. It looked like they had no idea of ever being in human clothing. Now they were only 30 meters in front of us, still in a perfect horizontal line. All of them holding our gaze. They never took their eyes off us. Their skin was olive and their eyes were the bluest dark blue.

Their pupils were like slits, cats eyes only horizontal. Their hair was dark and the children's ages were around, the male child 10 years of age. The female child was around 13 years old and the adults were maybe in their late 20s. My wife at this time was squeezing my hand so hard she was cutting or my circulation. We moved to the center of road and they kept on walking toward us, but never strayed from their course, or their unusual gait or movement which was unusual, very unusual. As they were right beside us, only two meters to our left they were staring at us without turning their head or changing their strange body behavior. No one spoke.

My wife was in fear, dragging and quickening her pace. I was not scared or in fear as I knew somehow they wanted help. I was thinking this to myself when I turned around to look at them. They were 10 meters from me walking in perfect formation with their backs facing us. Then they all turned in the exact moment, you couldn't have managed the timing and sequence that they performed. This turn was chilling and at the same time. If you trained to do what they did, we couldn't have achieved their movement. I don't care who you are. It was as if they had one mind or telepathic. As they stood there looking at us still in line. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was getting strong thoughts that they were in trouble. My wife started pulling me up the road and only 10 seconds elapsed when I turned around again and they were not there. Open fields as far as the eye could see there was no possible hiding place, they were gone. Humans do not do the things these visitors were doing, I know. I've always known these beings were not part of our world.

Thank you to the person for their report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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