UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Burekup, Western Australia

Summer 1968 & 1977

UFOINFO E-mail Report

Location: Burekup, Western Australia

Date: 1968 & 1977

Time: Day

Number of witnesses: 3 and 1

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Ball shaped

Colour of objects: Bright fluorescent orange

1968 was the year in which I saw the 'ufo' My cousin Bruce and brother viewed the same experience in 1977.

I was 8 years old and playing a children's game of 'snakes and ladders' along with my two brothers in the bedroom of our house in Burekup Western Australia. The curtains had been pulled across to keep the room as cool as possible in the 40 degree heat of summer. Outside the bedroom was a paddock with wild oats and some calves roaming the area. The sky was clear blue on this day.

To our surprise a ball of fluorescent orange appeared out of no where in front of us next to the bed. We opened the curtain but there was nothing outside to indicate where or why or what this object was and how it came to be in the room. We pulled the curtains back closed. We stopped the game and all stared at this ball that was around 7 inches in diameter. It made a soft purring sound and appeared to be independent in the way it moved. This ball was not transparent, it glowed and was bright fluorescent orange, it appeared to be solid but had no feeling when it crossed our bodies. We watched as it spun around the room and then flowed quickly across and over us. The ball then went next door to the bathroom and circled the wall and sink, then following out along the short corridor it entered into the lounge with us following as we were very inquisitive. The orange ball circled around independently through the lounge, going under and over the lounge seating and across the wall before circling around very quickly in the room and exiting out along the corridor, following we went back along the corridor and down to the bedroom where we had come from before the object vanished in front of us. We looked under the bed and outside the window and there was nothing that would indicate where or how this odd fluorescent ball had arrived or appeared from in any way. It did make a soft purring sound and it was not a lighting bolt or anything of this nature. We were puzzled and quite bewildered by this strange happening. It was mobile and small and independent and flew of its own accord. It was unlike anything we had seen before.

Many years passed and I never forgot this unusual experience. I told my cousin about the happening by email and was very surprised when in his amazed reaction he said the same thing had happened in the same room around 4 years later when my youngest brother - who was not born in the first happening. Both my cousin and youngest brother had experienced this occurring in that room of the house also so many years later.

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