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Frankston, Melbourne, Victoria

Early 1970s

Frankston, Melbourne Five Rectangular Shapes On The Moon

Date: 1970's

I'm not sure how to begin this but in the early 1970's I'm not sure what year I was living in Frankston a suburb of Melbourne Australia. It was early evening and a neighbor from across the road (name removed) asked me to come over to his house and look at something. He didn't say what it was.

On arriving at his house I noticed a reflecting telescope set up on a tripod in the front garden, (neighbor) looked through the eyepiece and adjusted the elevation of the telescope slightly then asked me to take a look. The telescope was focused on the moon and was in a low elevation, after a minute of asking what I was looking for he said "do you see anything on the moon" I then saw quite distinctly five rectangular shapes set out in a flower petal configuration the narrow ends towards the in inner and outer part of the circle.

There was no doubt the objects were on the moons surface as (neighbor) had to adjust the elevation to match the movement of the earth as the moon set. (Yes setting not rising). He had earlier phoned the Melbourne observatory only to be told that the elevation was too low for their telescope to be used.

I know many other people observed this sighting and I think it was written up in the "Post" magazine but not sure about daily papers. I would like to know if anyone followed this up.

Now to my reason for emailing you. Following this sighting I mentioned it to my father on his next visit, he told me that there were very strange things around and that he had personally seen what I believe pilots called a Foo fighter. He was the radar operator on a Meteor NF11 night interceptor sometime in the late 1940's or early 1950's he spotted an image on radar and it was then visually confirmed and took up station at their wingtip. He told me these phenomena had been reported many times but no one knew what they were, he didn't believe they were ball lightning. He said he had also seen strange lights in the air over the south of England near Westbury.

Thank you to the person for this report.

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