UFO Sighting Report - Australia

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Callandon, Queensland

Late April 1976

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

UFO Sighting 1976 APRIL - late CALLANDOON - (QLD)
Time: 2230hrs to 2245hrs.
Source: Generated by newspaper article.
Witness: Mr. Ian x
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 40 minutes or more.
Occupation: Rabbit trapper.

Report taken by Diane AUFORN

I used to be a rabbiter in the bush I had my son with me he was 16 yrs we were out about 25 miles west of Goondiwindi Qld. On a property called north Callandoon whih is 25 miles west of Goondi. We used to check the traps at night time to get the rabbits out of the traps because of the foxes, ya know.

We had done our run we were sitting down on the tail gate of the ute and there was slight humming noise we couldn't work out where it was coming from because there was no one anywhere near us for miles miles & miles & miles.

There was this humming noise and we looked up into the eastern sky and we saw this object it was very hard to tell how big it was but the top of it it was flashing red and blue lights which were quite distinct and under neath it was flashing green lights like a lime green colour. And this object was coming down slowly and in some of this open country were we where they call it lime scrub, lime tree scrub it doesn't grow very high but it grow very think.

Anyway as this object came closer to the ground the top of all the lime trees were showing up in the light of this object.

Q; What time was it.

It was 10.30 p.m 10.45 p.m it wasn't any later than that. I came to the conclusion what ever it was looking for some place to land it could land where it was showing green on tops of the trees, then it would rise again and move across a little way then it would come down again it did this for a full half an hour while we were sitting on the tailgate of the ute with the lights out looking at it.

Anyway it was starting to give us the Hebegebez, I don't know how far away it was but I would say it was no more than half a mile away at the very most, it might not have been half a mile, it was hard to tell, it also hard to tell just how big it was. But it had red and blue lights dispersed on top of it and underneath it had all green lights. What we did we decided to nick off the soon as we put the headlights on the ute to go, it was pitch black night there was no moon at all I mean we couldn't se the track even in the dark. So we put the lights on this thing just vanished it was gone.

Q: just like turning off a light.

Yes the light went out, it just wasn't there anymore and If it was there it had no lights going at all it had turned its lights off.

The reason I wanted to go was me son he grabbed the 303 he wanted to put a few rounds into it. I grabbed the bloody thing of him garbed the magazine out of it, I said no ya don't ya never know what your going to bring on. By that stage I realized how close it was and I knew we could hit with a 303 riffle, but I decided we'd better get away from the dam thing, nick off ya know!

Q: using the size of a coin to gage size what size coin would you use at arms length to cover it.

Hum? this thing was long not high so I guess it would have been around 30 yards long and thats just a guess.



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