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Kenmore, Brisbane, Queensland


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Location: Kenmore, Brisbane

I would like to make a submission regarding sightings however this one was in 1978.

In 1978 I was a mere 12 year old and my family had just moved into a rental home in the Kenmore region of Brisbane.

It was the weekend school was about to recommence and I was sitting down watching tv at about 9:30pm in the evening. My mother asked could I go and get the clothes off the line for her so I grabbed the basket and headed into the backyard. Now the clothes line (Hills Hoist) was a good 40 metres from the house and no obstructions by way of power lines nor over- hanging branches. So I collected the clothes off the line and I had only gone about 2.5 metres from the edge of the line when I felt as if someone was watching me so I scanned around the yard to see if anyone was there but there was no-one. I had only gone about 2 steps further when I noticed the ground around me was bathed in a blue-ish white light (which was about 3 metres in diameter) then I looked up!

A craft about 30 feet (old scale) in diameter glowing in the same white light and hovering directly above me, and I froze. What I thought was only minutes apparently was actually nearly two hours, because when I finally could move the craft moved vertically in the air and then took off faster than I had ever could have imagined.

I then ran into the house clutching the basket for dear life, and looked as white as a sheet from what my mother told me.

The next morning I rang the Australian Air Force department and reported what I had seen, I was told that someone would contact me shortly. The next morning a representative of Project Bluebook (an Air Force Colonel) had arrived taking my statement and asking me to draw what I had seen.

To this day I have seen a few things from my side vision while driving and this has happened ever since that experience.

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