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Telfer Gold Mine towards Port Headland, Western Australia

Summer 1978/1979

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Summer - (December - March) (1978 or 1979)

About 80 KM northwest of Telfer on his way out from the Telfer Gold Mine towards Port Headland, he saw two very bright white lights low down far ahead. He stopped his truck waiting for an assumed approaching truck to pass over the narrow road in front of him - as at this point the gravel track would not allow two large trucks to pass without potential bogging in the sandy road verges. After a few minutes the lights disappeared and he assumed the other truck had pulled off the road. Driving forward he encountered no truck, nor vehicle dust, the road being totally devoid of traffic. He assumed the truck had been much further away and drove off on a side track, but was puzzled by the brightness of then lights which suggested the source had been fairly close, but meant the truck must have had some new sort of ultra powerful spotlight.

Later at 1:00 AM in dark night time conditions on the same Telfer Road running towards the NW - whilst opposite Baxters Mill and the isolated Telecom hut there - some 140 KM of Telfer - past the Woodie Woodie Manganese Mine Road turn off - and between the Oakover and Nullagine Rivers near Yigalong Creek - he saw a sudden huge static white light "eruption"come display to his approx northeast coming from beyond a small range of distant hills. The source appeared to be out near the abandoned Lochinvar Station to the east of Warrawagine Station - possibly near the Braemar Outcamp - but exact ground level source was hidden from view by the distant hills.

This light was very bright intense white with tinges of blue near the visual base along the distant hill top. It consisted of 5 - 6 large near vertical but fan shaped rays that went high into the atmosphere. Each ray fanned out wider with increasing altitude. The light rays seemed to curve over towards his position - as if emanating from a central source. The power of this event was enormous such that he could see very clearly for say 50 KM around. For instance hills to his southwest that he knew to be over 20 KM away were lit up as if in very bright daylight.

The light was so bright that he turned off his headlights and drove for a considerable time aided only by the light from the white fans. Finally after say 10 minutes he turned his lights back on as the exotic light was no longer good enough to drive by. He did not notice the white fan light turn off but rather thought it dimmed with his increasing distance, and as further hills and scrub obscured it from his view.

The white fan light event lasted for several minutes and involving an enormous power output. the event caused the hairs on his back and neck to stand up - partly due to shock and amazement plus an element of fear. As he was alone he decided to keep going at a speed to clear the area.

The only other vaguely similar event ever seen by him was in may 1966 whilst driving at night in the dark with a friend near Kumarina on the Mt. Newman Meekatharra road. A bright white - yellow "fireball" crossed the road 100 meters in front of their car at very low level giving them both quite a shock. This event lasted just a couple of seconds.

Thanks To Harry Mason - Perth, Western


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