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Australia The Min Min Lights

Date: Approx: 1979
Time: Evening

Australian Aboriginals talk freely of a phenomenon in the Australian bush called The Min Min Lights, strange lights that follow cars, people, they are said to have some otherworldly significance.

During the same around Australia journey with my friends we were hundreds of miles from my other tale of intrigue and once again I was doing the driving ( I love driving and it was my car) whilst my companions slept.

We were travelling along a dead straight bitumen road miles from anywhere when I saw a set of (once again) what appeared to be car headlights come on as I was approaching (1/2 mile) a cutout in a small hill where the road passes through.

At the time I thought "what would anyone be doing up there?", as the "car" appeared to be up on top of one side of the cutout maybe 60 feet above the road.

As I approached the cutout (50 yards) the lights went out, however in the second or two that it took me to get to the site in question the "car" had disappeared??

I remember thinking "that is plain weird" but not as weird as what happened next.

Just after I passed the point where I saw there was nothing where the "lights" had been, the "lights" were now facing me from behind and were as plain as day in my rearview mirror????????????? Go Figure!

Thank you to the witness for the fascinating report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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