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Queensland, Australia Object Lands And Starts Rotating

Date: Approx: 1979
Time: Evening

I was travelling through outback Queensland with 2 friends in approx 1979, it was a clear, star-filled night sky, I was driving while my friends slept and it was in the early hours.

In the distance (10 miles) I could see the outline of a mountain range against the sky dead ahead, on top of the mountain was a flashing light which at the time I thought must have been some kind of beacon to warn aircraft.

All of a sudden the light lifted up from the mountain several hundred feet and stopped. At this time I thought it was a helicopter, as grazers use alot of them in outback Australia for mustering cattle and general transport.

I remember thinking at the time that it was awfully late to be flying a chopper.

The next thing I saw was the light streak west across the sky in a semi circle to my left, it travelled approx 20 miles in no more than 3 seconds and then stopped dead at an altitude of several hundred feet. By this time I had yelled at my friends to wake up and "check this out".

The object then descended into the bush approx 4 miles from our position, we stopped the car, I grabbed my 12g pump and we got on the roof of the car to get a better look through the trees.

Once the object had "landed" it started to rotate, and what I could only describe as (2) car headlights, slowly rotated in a fashion similar to the spotlight at airports.

We watched this for maybe 4 rotations when the lights stopped facing directly at "us"?

I don't know what it was but we all looked at each other, not a word was said and with a cold chill running up our spines, we jumped off the roof and into the car and got the hell out of there!

There was not then and is not now any aircraft that could traverse those distances in that space of time / at that speed, stop in a instant and use VTOL (vertical takeoff & landing) technology. What we saw was not "local" I assure you.

Thank you to the witness for the fasinating report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research

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