UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

Upwey, Melbourne, Victoria

March 10th 1982

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Upwey/Melbourne/Australia

Date: March 10 1982

Time: Early evening

Number of witnesses: 2

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Irregular, multifaced object with several flat sides, object was not symmetrical

Weather Conditions: Clear evening, no clouds, just after sunset (horizon was slightly reddish)

Description: This is something that has bothered myself and my mother for many years, we don't really speak of it much but we both know that we saw something that frightened us.

Some Background:

I was 11 years old at the time, Dad was working on an oil rig for a painting and decorating contract, so it was my Mum and myself at home with our dog, 'Shadow' a female German Sheppard.

At the time, this part of Melbourne was not heavily housed, many of the blocks of land around the property were still mainly bushland.

Every week, the street cleaner van would roll past about 7:30pm.

The whole thing began in such a low-key manner, mum and I were watching TV in the living room of the house when Shadow became agitated, pacing the house and growling, sometimes pausing to let off a bark, we just assumed she was hearing possums and thought nothing of it.

After a while we noticed a thrumming sound, a deep, deep thrumming noise that could be felt as much as heard, now we didn't pay much attention to this as the street cleaning van made a similar noise when it was right at the end of the driveway, after a while Mum said to me "That cleaning van's been there a while", so i went to the window and looked out, fully expecting to see the yellow flashing lights of the street cleaning van at the end of the driveway.

Nothing, no van at all. It was then that I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and to this day I still struggle to remember it's exact shape.

It was large, very very large, it was floating just over the block of land next to us, behind some trees that were on the fence line at that time. It had no bright lights, didn't flash or change colours.

The best way to describe this object would be to say that it resembled several large slabs of metal, with a dull reddish hue, that appeared to be attached to some kind of a framework, at the centre of the framework was a very dull red glow, on the under side of the object.

It remained there, moving very slowly, no more than 20 or 30 metres up (it brushed past the branches of one large gum tree outside, which gave a good indicator of its size and height), it seems to be rotating very slowly as the angles on the slabs of metal (hull? plating?) changed as we looked at it.

I called mum over, somewhat frightened as I suddenly realised that this 'was not a plane or helicopter', mum came over and looked out, she let out a gasp, swung the drapes shut and pulled me away from the window, the sound continued, we could hear it outside.

By this stage Shadow was highly agitated, moving quickly through the house and barking, normally a highly trained animal, she refused to obey voice commands from myself or Mum.

After a few moments Mum and I went back to the windows and peeked out,the object had moved slightly further away by now and the sound had receded a little.

Then - and this is what frightened us more than the object itself - it began to move away, afer a few moments it just vanished... I mean, one second it was there, then gone in an instant. No fading out, no sounds, no spectacular display, it was just ... gone.

Shadow then began to growl at the back door, which for us is the laundry, the sighting happened in the living room which is next to the front door.

We went back to the back door, Shadow was barking like mad and growling, I had never seen her like this, her hackles were up and the lips had been fully pulled back from here teeth, she looked ready to rip somebodies throat out, Mum went to go past Shadow to see what was up, and Shadow did something she had never done before and did not do again for the rest of her life, she growled at Mum. Shadow put herself between Mum and the back door and would not allow her to open it, Shadow went back to growling at the door.

We went back to the living room...

A few minutes later things seemed to calm down, Shadow wasn't barking as much but she remained fixed at the back door, occasionally letting out a low growl.

Then we heard a knock on the back door, followed by Shadow growling like mad, here's the scary bit... the knock on tehe back door was a very distinctive knocking, the same knock that My father would use when he came home from work.

The knock was repeated three times, we did not open the door, by now Mum and I were frightened, we closed off the living room and just sat there on the couch listening to shadow barking, the sound came back, louder this time, we did not go back to the windows.

After a few minutes the sound stopped and Shadow came back to the living room.

I have no idea what it was that night we encountered, it was frightening.

I don't know if this is of any use, and am aware that this is old-news, but hopefully it might be of some use, to someone somewhere.

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