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Monbulk, Victoria, Australia


AUFORN Sighting Form Report

1985. MONBULK (VIC) 1600hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mr. Matthew L
Number of witnesses present: 1
Sighting Duration: 5 seconds

Observation: hello Diane, AUFORN I would like to add my sighting for the record.

When I was about 11 or 12 I was walking home from school. and had just started walking across my paddock when, (bizarrely) I felt," um, whos looking at me?" I looked across the to the sky above the houses nearby and I saw plain as day exactly who it was! a perfect 'egg', made of metal, about 10m high and 6m wide(I guess), hovering about 300m away.

It was so shiny that it appeared to be reflecting the green trees below on its bottom and the blue sky above on it's top. Next thing I know, I'm standing about 50m's lower down in the paddock, I have tears streaming down my face, and it's gone.

I start running across my paddock screaming for my mum/anyone to help me,(was not in good state of mind to be honest). I told my mum, (later also my dad, brother, sister, eventually everyone), who tried her best to calm me down, and then spent the next two hours or so sitting on our porch overlooking the paddock ( and the rest of my life bewildered, to say the least.)
My life then went on as normal, and I never saw that egg again.

I have now been hypnotized in an attempt to get more information (if at all possible) from my sub-conscience, but was unable to access any new 'thoughts/ memories', sadly (but well suspect there's more I do.)

Description: I only saw it for 2-4 seconds, before it was 'gone' noticed no movement or sounds.

Location: I was in the back paddock of the old family house, on Invermay Rd Monbulk. (had just taken the short-cut from the main street through the neighbours/forest, whist walking home from [grade 5-ish, primary] school. E.T.A ish= 3:40 -4:00pm)

Other Witnesses: mum was JUST entering the paddock to feed the cows, when I turned and started my 'run'; I found she did not see anything.

Apparent Size Other: two tennis balls high held at arms length

Actual Size: 10m high by 6 m wideish (a perfect 'chicken' egg shape)

Altitude: about 10 or twenty meters above the trees.

Moon Size Comparison: two/three moons?? (two tennis balls held at arms length)

Weather: Pleasant, Cloudy, fine day, partly cloudy.

Effects Physical: previously described. except I found a 'scoop mark' only just realised, stupidly. I don't know if in fact has anything at all to do with 'UFO' phenomenon.. but have one all the same.)

Effects Psychological: bewilderment.

Other Experiences: when I was about 4 I had a dream that I found myself in a what appeared to be someone's backyard at night, standing in a group of about six or seven other kids, waiting for something(?) when what I thought was ' a falling star', (little and shining in a bright yellow light) came gently, slowly down and one of us caught it. Then we all had a turn at holding it. (I have had many dreams, but this one simply has always felt quite different.)

My next was not so pleasant. When I was about 5 or six I stayed at a friends house, two houses down from mine, and had a terrible nightmare and I mean terrible. I can't remember how it started, but I found myself to be in another land, that I took as being filled with witches and monsters, ( I don't know why, as I'm not sure if I had seen any, but thats sure how I felt about the place!).

I came across a car to hide in, and there were other kids hiding in it too, one of whom I knew. I was in the back seat, he was in the front, and we were all very scared, hoping the monsters wouldn't find us and try to get in. then, unfortunately, what I thought was my friend in the front seat turns around, and looks at me. He has what looks like silver paint on his face now, and big black eyes, again seemingly painted.

I cannot describe just how 'wrong' it looked! and thats when I 'lost it', reached over the seat, grabbed hold of him, and shook him violently to make him 'stop' being that way! next, I am awake in the bed, am screaming in absolute terror, and spending the next hour being comforted by my friends mum in the lounge room. I was never invited back to stay there again, that I know. I don't blame them.

It seems is obvious to 'me' now, that it was not my friend I was shaking, it was a little 'grey' and I think that they are light buggers, because when I was 'shaking him' he was really copping a good shake, to say the least.


Warmest Regards

Diane Harrison/Frola

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