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Ipswich, Queensland

Late November 1985

AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Received: on 21/08/2008

UFO Sighting late November 1985 Ipswich - (QLD)
Time: 2100hrs
Source: Generated by newspaper article.
Witness: Mr. Ken & wife
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: around 2 hours

Report taken by Diane AUFORN

Artist impression of sighting © AUFORN 2008
  Artist impression only © AUFORN 2008

I was at work I worked for Leo & Green Quarry at Ipswich I was a security guard I had to sleep out at the quarry as part of my job was going between 2 quarries. I had let the 2 guard dogs out to guard both quarries. I had to stay out there in a caravan and man the phone. My wife would sometimes come out and stay with me at times as she was 7 months pregnant.

This night the boss said to me don't go tonight because Val the secretary to stay and do the books and the pays for the men for christmas. I said that alright I'll stay up late.

My job was good as I got to have a sleep during the night this was okay with the boss. So when Val went home I went out and locked up. The caravan I was staying in was on top of mound of dirt about 6 feet above ground level. The van was sitting on what we call overburden which comes of the mine, the mine was a big mining company, the offices blocks were higher than the mine.

The mine was only 2klm from Swanbank Power Station.

Anyway I looked over towards the power station and I saw this light coming towards us in the sky this light wasn't very high so I thought there's that helicopter coming into the RAAF base as I'd seen one like that before with a light on the front sorta sticky- beeking around.

The light came across the top of the power-lines the big steel ones when it go to more or less the last one it turned straight into the right. I was standing on the edge of the bank of dirt it was around 9.30 at night when the light got close to me. Then it stopped. Then it opened up into a great big orange ball like an orange sun the was orange colour. While I was standing there the top half of it opened up the outer rim of it was like the full moon but only half of it started opening up.

I thought then geez I'd better go get mum me wife, so I called her out and she said yes thats the moon. I said yes but this moons flown in from Amberley ... hu! while we stood there watching this door opened some what like a roller door would open but this door opened sideways. There we saw this little man he came forward to the edge of the opening he was dressed like a little pixie ya know what I mean. I mean he must have had a suit on or something like that, he was only small but he had big eyes he had no ears, he really did look like he had some sort of suit on.

Q: So you think he had suit on over the top of him.

A: Yes I think so it might have been some kind of uniform but it had no buttons or anything like that.

Q: What colour was the suit.

A: It was grey.

Anyway my wife said, "what are you going to do about it" I said exactly nothing. I might throw a stone at it but I don't think I will.

It was only meters away from us it was at eye level we didn't have to look up into the sky to look at it, it was right there with us, it was only small.

Q: When the man came close what was he doing.

A: He was just standing there looking at us.

Q; Was the object on the ground.

A; No no it was there just above the ground probably about two feet off the ground.

Q: And the little fella was he on the ground.

A: No he didn't get out. It went down on the ground and I thought it was going to land on the road as the road into the quarry was just below us. But then it went round the corner a little then it went a little bit further, then it went under a small power-line and sat up there. While it sat up there then another two more men came forward standing either side of him. I could see them peering towards me. So we stood there and watched it.

I told my wife to watch it while I raced in and rang Amberley air-force base they got me to security out there and they recorded everything we told them about it.

Q: Did they get to see it.

A: No, well I don't know they could have but they didn't say they did. They could have come out to see it because it was there for a couple of hours.

Q: How long after witnessing the object did you call Amberley.

A: We probably were standing there for about half an hour before I went into the office to use the phone. My wife she stood there watching it while I was on the phone, she described to me what it was doing she said it changed shape into a diamond while I was talking to Amberley security. Then after a while she said its going away and its got these coloured lights or flames coming out of the bottom of it. She said I don't really know what it was flames or lights. She said it has seven lights/windows up top of it, its really beautiful.

When it left it went around the power station three times very slowly just above it then it went way.

Q: What direction did it come from.

A: It came from south south west I think.

Q: When it left which way did it go.

A: It came from the direction of Amberly RAAF base and left going towards Warwick. It did like a V flight path. When I got off the phone it was just a little speck in the sky. I said to my wife why didn't you call me out I missed it going, she said, but you were talking.

A couple of years later my wife asked me to get her a Woman's Day magazine from the shop. I gave her the magazine and I went outside to do something, the next thing she came out shacking the magazine at me. I said what wrong she opened the page and said this is what I saw in the sky. There was an image of an object and it was called the diamond fire. My wife description is exactly as the same as the drawing in the magazine. But she didn't know if it was lights or flames coming out of the bottom of it.

Comment: The image was an artist impression of Betty Cash UFO

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