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Haig Plains, New South Wales


AUFORN Sighting Form Report

1987 HAIG Plains (NSW) 1218hrs
Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Witness: Mrs. Debbie M
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: Several seconds
Occupation: Property Manager

Observation: I was driving from adelaide to sydney for a friends engagement. My partner was asleep in the front seat.

I had just driven through the Haig Plains (not sure of spelling) in NSW it was around midnight or so when I saw this huge white round light appear in the sky it was bigger than the moon, and whiter than any of the stars or moon in the sky. I turned a bend in the road and there it was it was descending and then hovered above my car I was trying to wake my partner up to tell him to look and it just took off directly upwards into the sky and became smaller and smaller till it disappeared. This all happened within a split of a second so fast and yet the distance it went upwards was incredible it ended up being a small dot then couldn't see it any more.

Description: No it was round I didn't see any metal or any thing just a big round light about 2 times bigger than a full moon.

Location: I think the Stuart hwy just after the Haig Plains I was coming down a winding hill and there was some sort of power station near

Other Witnesses: Rick but he did not see anything did not manage to wake him up in time, it happened too fast.

Apparent Size Other: Twice as big as the moon.

Altitude: It is hard to tell but i think when it was just hovering there 20 story building

Object Origin: I think from straight up I was travelling east

Object Destination: Straight up towards the east

Moon Visible: Yes I don't know where it was but I remember looking at the moon and thinking this thing was way brighter than the moon

Moon Size Comparison: About 2 times the size or bigger.

Weather Visibility: Clear

Weather Comments: It was night, sky very clear out in the middle of nowhere.

Effects Physical: No just very afraid

Effects Psychological: Petrified


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