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Maquarie Plains, Tasmania


AUFORN Sighting Form Report

Source: AUFORN ONLINE UFO Report Form
Number of witnesses present: 2
Sighting Duration: 30 minutes
Occupation: Retired Police Officer TAS

Observation: Was patrolling in company with another officer on the Maquarie Plains road between Gretna and Bushy Park in an easterly direction when our attention was drawn to several lights in the Eastern sky. The distance is difficult to estimate, hazarding 10km to 20km plus or minus. Initially I thought it was a transport plane as these were quite common around that time. My partner stated there was something unusual about their behaviour, hazarding a plane may have been in some difficulties. I pulled to the side of the road, doused the headlights and we alighted the vehicle. Initially I could see three lights in a triangle formation. Their colour was orange/deep yellow. After approximately two minutes these lights were joined by another three, appeared apparently from nowhere. I commented it was more than likely nothing more than a star configuration with the other lights appearing due to cloud movement. I contacted our communications section to enquire if they could do relevant checks to ascertain if their were any aircraft in the area. They advised being in contact with I believe air traffic control. I don't know if this was a local controller or mainland. They advised their was no air traffic in the area.

Description: Two of the lights then travelled vertically, then horizontally with such speed and changes of direction that it ruled out any form of conventional aircraft I knew of. The other lights then followed in a similar pattern. It was a very clear night, other stars were highly visible and there was no street or other types of lighting to obscure my view. The lights we observed were far brighter and denser in colour than surrounding stars. We continued to observe and gained the impression that some kind of a grid search was being conducted. I have observed helicopters doing this during search and rescue operations but not at these speeds or so late at night. Helicopter resources at the time were simply not adequately fitted out for such night time operations. I considered military exercises as these are known to occur over Tasmania but again, the manoeuvres ruled this out. I would describe the objects as being elliptical in shape, their size was difficult to estimate because of the distance but were around 10 times larger than the brightest stars. After around 30 minutes the objects gathered together in a box like formation then went off in separate directions at terrific acceleration, within seconds they disappeared completely.

Location: Maquarie Plains, Bushy Park approximately four kilometres west of the Lyell highway travelling easterly.

Other Witnesses: An incident report was entered into our log book detailed as "unusual sighting". No official report was ever made re the incident. My partner and I have discussed this many times over the years but owing to his present employment which is classified he does not want his name revealed.

Apparent Size Other: Between pea sized and tennis ball

Actual Size: Not knowing their actual distance makes this difficult, if I hazard a guess of say 10km distant their size would be around that of a large family sedan car, at 20km I would have to double that estimate.

Altitude: Around 1000m.

Object Origin: Appeared from the east and joined by others from same direction

Object Destination: North and South

Moon Visible: Don't recall

Planets Visible: Yes

Weather Visibility: Clear

Effects Psychological: Curious and somewhat doubtful then positive.


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