UFO Sighting Report - Australia

Flag of Australia

East Kangaroo Island/Flinders Island, Tasmania

December 1987

Yachtsman Sights UFO off Flinders Island. December 1987.

Mr W has reported sighting an erratic light whilst his yacht was anchored off East Kangaroo Island west of Flinders Island. Mr W writes that they anchored just on dusk and they went down in the cabin to make dinner. Mr W left the cabin and sat in the cockpit, shutting the companionway doors to exclude any light. After a short time he noticed what looked like a star which had moved relative to it's surrounding stars. This moving star was on a straight flight path from east to west and he assumed it was a satellite. The light then abruptly changed course to perform a series of zig-zag movements. Then the light accelerated in a straight line towards the southern horizon having changed from its westerly path. It was travelling so fast as it neared the horizon that it just became a continuos steak of light. The whole event was over in 30 seconds.

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Note: This sighting is taken from the TUFOIC Newsletter, October 1997, Issue 82 originally posted in the News section of UFOINFO.

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